Friday, 28 August 2015 08:09

Review of Zac Efron in WE ARE YOUR FRIENDS

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WE ARE YOUR FRIENDS presents a world populated by sex-and-cash-and-booze-crazed twenty-somethings who live to hear electronic music and dance the night away. Zac Efron stars as Cole, an aspiring “laptop DJ” in the San Fernando Valley. Cole has a soulless day job working for a sleazy predatory loan outfit headed by John Bernthal. Along with his three pals – aspiring actor/drug dealer Ollie (Shiloh Fernandez), loudmouth Mason (Jonny Weston), and thoughtful Squirrel (Alex Shaffer) – Cole spends his evenings promoting parties, spinning music, and ingesting drugs. A friendship develops between Cole and bigshot DJ James Reed (Wes Bentley), a fallen former ‘superstar’ of laptop DJ-ing, who takes him under his wing. Things get complicated when Cole falls for James’ bored younger girlfriend/assistant Sophie (Emily Rataikowski). Along the way, there are more drugs, tragedies, and romances that sizzle and fizzle....

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