Thursday, 25 June 2015 22:10

Review of MAX - Best Friend. Hero. Marine.

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MAX is an Afghanistan War-set battlefield adventure and a look at the unbreakable bond between a Marine and his military working dog ……. for about the first ten minutes! What’s left for another long hour and a half, despite some moments of bravura and lazy tugs at the heart-strings, is a poorly-written, California-set melodrama that I can’t recommend. The end credits for MAX play over vintage photos of dogs in combat, from the Civil War to WWI and WWII to Iraq. Dogs have been trained by the military as scouts, sentries and trackers for centuries and I wish that was the story that the producers of MAX had tackled. A kind of canine WAR HORSE might have made for a stirring adventure. On the surface, MAX is an old fashioned throwback to more innocent family fare which may seem like a good antidote to the violent and defeatist thrillers a lot of younger moviegoers seem to be hooked on, but it’s crippled by a weak script, poor performances, and a half-hearted sheen of sentimentality that all but masks the more serious undertones of the story. I wanted to bond with MAX, but I could not....

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