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Sleep With the Fishes March 27th - 29th at Powell Hall - THE GODFATHER with Live Music by The St. Louis Symphony Orchestra

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"Don Corleone, I am honored and grateful that you have invited me to your home on the wedding day of your daughter. And may their first child be a masculine child."


THE GODFATHER Screens with live music accompaniment by the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra March 27-29th  at Powell Hall in St. Louis

I’ve often said there’s nothing better than watching silent movies with live music, but what about watching sound movies with live music? When the movie is THE GODFATHER and the score is being performed by the award-winning St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, it just becomes one of those events that can’t be missed. Justin Freer conducts Nino Rota’s beloved score performed live by the STL Symphony with Francis Ford Coppola’s Academy Award®-winning full-length masterpiece shown from the Powell Hall stage beginning at 7pm Friday March 27and 28, and 2pm Sunday March 29th. It’s an offer you cannot refuse!


"Do you renounce Satan?" asks a priest near the end of THE GODFATHER (1972) as he’s baptizing Michael Corleone’s son. “I do” replies Michael just before director Francis Ford Coppola ironically cuts to a montage of the bloody murders of the five rival family heads. It’s one of the most powerful, influential, and brilliantly edited sequences in cinema and perfectly paved the way for a second chapter adapted from Mario Puzo's novel about crime, corruption, and family. Some feel THE GODFATHER PART II (1974) is actually a better film than the original and it’s only sequel to win the Academy Award for Best Picture. The sequel expanded the scope of the saga and offered Coppola a chance to go to a broader horizon but overall, the original is preferred because it breathed life into the gangster genre and gave crime films dramatic respectability. THE GODFATHER is cited as the very ‘favorite’ by more men of a certain age I know than any other film. THE GODFATHER PART III came out in 1990 to far lesser acclaim and many fans of the first two, including myself, have never given it a second visit. Perhaps it’s aged well and deserves rediscovery but I don’t see the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra performing a concert around that one anytime soon.


Don't miss THE GODFATHER when it screens with live music accompaniment by the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra beginning at 7pm March 27th and 28, and 2pm Sunday March 29th at Powell Hall in St. Louis (718 N Grand Blvd)

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