Tim Powers

Tim Powers

Born and raised on the mean streets of St. Louis, Missouri (Duchesne High School, 1987), Tim developed a taste for fresh-brewed Budweiser at an early age -- and maintains it to this day. Tim's HUGE family taught him to be funny or die. He told jokes to keep his family from either beating him up or using him to test out make-up and hair techniques. Sometimes, it even worked (however, Tim is aware that he is an "autumn" and that he looks best in "viva glam" lipstick and a touch of color in his cheeks).

In the early days of the 21st Century, Tim's career in radio found him working behind the scenes at the legendary Rock powerhouse KSHE-95 and Classical KFUO-FM in St. Louis where his talents for comedy and
advertising copy were honed. Tim was nominated for and won several awards for creative advertising in St. Louis.

As a featured member of St. Louis' improvisational company "CITYimprov" at historical Union Station, Tim developed a local following and spun off into the popular improv troupes 'Throw Chocolate and Run Like Hell' as well as "Grow Arms Grow."

Tim moved to Los Angeles after barnstorming through the Midwest -- and can't go back because of that darn restraining order. Tim has performed at the Hollywood Improv, the Comedy Store on the Sunset Strip, LA's Upright Citizen's Brigade Theater, IO-West and Los Angeles' Second City.

People seem to think he's funny.

•  Over 10,000 rolls of toilet paper were stolen from a Metro East charity over night.  Police are questioning everyone who has eaten a Slinger in the last 24 hours.

•  Parking Meter rates are going up in St. Louis.  Everything else remains either free or cheaper than the rest of the United States.  Quit yer bitchin', St. Louis.

•  To underscore the progressive nature of our city, Fair St. Louis' headliner is BLONDIE, a musical act whose last hit was in 1981. Apparently, Rudy Vallee was not available.

•  The FBI is warning about possible terrorist activity for Fair St. Louis.  Fortunately, everyone still thinks it's being held at the riverfront, so nobody will be at the Forest Park location for the terrorism.

•  UBER is offering free rides this weekend, so the company can make as much money as its drivers.

•  In an attempt to mitigate those upset by the recent legalization of gay marriage, Missouri is changing its name to the Don’t-Ask-Don't-Show-Me-State.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015 17:05

St. Louis From Afar 6-17-2015

As I see it sitting a safe distance away here in Los Angeles …


-  Super-fast high speed internet is coming to St. Louis, which now means that misspelled and grammatically incorrect racist comments can be posted to the Post-Dispatch website faster than ever.


-  Lew Prince is exiting from his partnership with Tom "Papa" Ray as co-owner of Vintage Vinyl.  Look for Lew's new business, "Vintage Illegal Music Downloads."


-  A black bear was shot in Perryville last week.  I don't want to make a big deal out of it, but it should be pointed out that the cop was white.  And that only 11% of the Perryville police force are, in fact, bears.


-  The rained out Cardinals/Royals game has be rescheduled for September, 1982.


-  The Delmar Loop is getting a trolley, which will make drive-by shootings a team sport.

Friday, 09 August 2013 13:58

Back in St. Louis

I’m back in St. Louis this week to take my Dad to the Cardinals/Cubs game.  It will be MY first game in the new (can we still call it New?  Technically, it’s the new NEW) Busch Stadium.  I can’t wait.

There are no prizes, I’m afraid, but St. Louisans DO love to brag, don’t we?

Here we go:

Thursday, 15 November 2012 18:47

Back when TV was in COLOR!  And we LIKED it!

For you youngsters out there, any of you under 30, I want to let you know that, once upon a time, there was a period in time where things did not all suck.  Before media consolidation, when there were still independently owned radio & TV stations, when St. Louis had TWO daily newspapers, when even St. Charles had its own daily newspaper, when you didn’t have a telephone in your car and when St. Louis had some fun and weird, locally produced TV shows.

Thursday, 01 November 2012 13:34

Get Smart or Stay Home, America!

I live in Hollywood.  Really.  Right under the big sign on the mountain.  From my front door, I can walk to Hollywood and Vine in 10 minutes.  Yes, I see celebrities at the supermarket, at the bar, at the coffee shop.  (My favorite:  I pulled up next to David Crosby on the corner of Hollywood and Vine while my ipod, coincidentally, was playing early Byrds music.)

Around here, a lot of the daily news on local TV, the local radio stations, even the respected LA TIMES, is devoted to celebrity gossip.  More people can name Honey Boo Boo than Todd Akin.  (I’ll leave you to decide which is more embarrassing.  I am not taking sides in this essay.)

I love my hometown.  

St. Louis is in my blood and I have never lived anywhere as charming, as weird, as wonderful as Mound City—and I currently live in Hollywood.  

While living in LA, I met the woman who would eventually become my bride and from the day we met, she suffered through stories about the wonders of life under The Arch.  She heard about the great music in Soulard.  She heard about Hoosiers in both North AND South County.  She heard about the amazing ways to kill an afternoon in Forest Park.

And she heard, ad nausea, about St. Louis Style Pizza.

Thursday, 20 September 2012 14:26

A Lovely Afternoon at St. Louis Centre

This weekend, I am returning to St. Louis after not being in town for several long years.  The last time I was in town, I performed at the comedy club in Union Station.  I m so glad people are finally going back there.

Thursday, 13 September 2012 15:06

It's Like I Never Left

When I left St. Louis for Hollywood almost 10 years ago, I thought I was already worldly.  I thought I had some sophistication and worldliness.  I thought I was, as they say, “like everybody else.” Man, I was wrong...