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You know you're a parent when...

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I am a part of the Mommy to Mommy: St. Louis group on Facebook.  A few days ago, a mom suggested that we all play a game called “You know you’re a mommy when…”  I immediately jumped at the opportunity to share one of the many moments of parenthood that makes other parents say, “Oh yes! Been there!”  I had so many to choose from, so I decided to share my top ten “mommy moments” with my beloved readers.  Ok, here we go! You know you’re a mommy when:

Life with a Toddler



Credit:  Huffington Post


  1. You constantly want to “accidentally” throw that loud annoying toy out the window (and you are thinking of a specific toy right now).

  2. You understand the incoherent sentences your toddler puts together and you find yourself translating for others.

  3. You think you are Stevie Wonder because of all the songs you make up about your child.

  4. You eat the slobbery piece of sandwich and wash it down with floater water without thinking about it.

  5. The best birthday present someone could give you is the opportunity to sleep.

  6. You have developed opinions about the characters on your child’s favorite TV shows. (Pete keep your pants on!)

  7. You spend way too much time voicing said opinions to your friends.

  8. You have about 10 grandchildren already and they are all stuffed toys.Grand Mickey

  9. When at lunch, you browse through old videos of your child because you miss him/her so much.

  10. You are horrified when things your parents used to say come out of your own mouth on a daily basis.

What are your top ten parent moments?