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St. Louis Summer Quest: Circus Flora

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Hello all my wonderful readers!  As you may know by now, I am a homegrown St. Louis girl.  I love my city and I am beginning to experience it in new ways now that I am a mom.  For years I felt like there was nothing to do in St. Louis that did not cost a lot of money.  Oh boy, was I wrong!  This summer I have decided not to spend all of my free time in the house.  I am on a mission to experience St. Louis-based events and attractions with my son.  I want him to know his city and to see the beauty of it at an early age.  I recently had the opportunity to attend a Circus Flora performance.  Here was my experience:  

CF Handstand

I took my son, my sister-in-law, and my niece with me to the show.  We arrived an hour early and found free parking right next to the tent!  When we walked out of the car, my son and my niece were amazed by how big the circus tent was.  My son repeatedly said, “Wow! It’s AMAZING!”  As we waited for the tent to open, some kids from Circus Harmony performed outside.  It was great to have a little entertainment as we waited.  They opened the tent and the volunteers were very helpful and nice about showing us to our seats. My son fell asleep before the show started and I was afraid he would miss the whole show, but when the music started he woke up.

 CF Stacked The show began with children and teenagers doing stunts.  I was AMAZED!  It was awesome to see how high they could stack themselves and tumble in the air.  My heart dropped every time the trapeze artists performed a new trick.  I just knew they would fall each time they moved.  A trainer brought out her house cats to perform tricks.  Although I seriously do not like cats, I thought it was really cute.

Cat and Trainer

The tightrope performers had me in disbelief.  I am deathly afraid of heights, so I wanted to faint just watching them balancing in the air. After intermission, they had gutsy horseback riders who performed tricks while riding horses.

Horseback Rider

I was certain that one of them would get trampled.  Lastly, the entire cast came out to juggle and do tricks on the trampoline.  The cast greeted us as we left.  This was my first time seeing a circus and it was a fantastic experience.  I think the fun of the circus is constantly feeling like the performers will fall and injure themselves badly, and when they don’t you are completely amazed!  The kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  My son does not like loud cheering and clapping but it did not bother him that day.  I would recommend Circus Flora to any family or anyone who has never seen a circus before.  They are very professional, personable, and talented.  I want to send a special thank you to all of the performers for such a phenomenal day!                             Group Picture