Tuesday, 16 June 2015 11:28

The Beginning

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Hello mommies, daddies, and other people who just LOVE children!  Welcome to my life! I am Talia. I have a two year old son.  I am also a student.  I thought since this IS a parent’s blog I should start off with how my parenting journey began!  No, I will not bore you with my pregnancy woes, but I will tell you a pretty fascinating birthing story. 

Since my little one has his mom’s stubborn attitude, I had to be induced.  So, I went to St. Luke’s hospital in Chesterfield to get the party started.  Let me say thank you to all the nurses who helped me through my journey.  My nurses were THEBOMB.com.  They gave me the first medicine and the only thing I could think of was eating.  I ordered the pot roast and mashed potatoes.  I had been craving it my entire pregnancy.  That meal tasted like a million bucks!  My eyes rolled in the back of my head with every bite.  I sat for hours until I fell asleep.  I did not feel contractions until the mid-morning Friday.  But OH BOY did those puppies kick in!  After hours of suffering, I begged for the epidural especially since I had not progressed at all.  The anesthesiologist kept talking non-sense to me.  He did not stop talking and I really wanted to tell him to shut up, but I was a nice lady in labor.  As he slid the monster of a needle in my back a contraction came.  I closed my eyes and prayed I would not become paralyzed.  He was finally done.  He then told me about the most magical thing I had ever heard of, “The Button.”  If the pain came back, I could push the button and more medicine would be dispersed.  OH YEA! *Kool-Aid Man Voice*.  When the pain subsided, I relaxed and went to sleep.  The nurse came in to check me.  She looked under the blanket, her mouth dropped and she ran out of the room without a word.  Someone else came in to tell me it was time!  Now remember, I was on the epidural so I was incredibly loopy.  I saw them put this foreign object in stirrups.  Oh wait, IT WAS MY LEG!  I forgot I had a bottom half to my body!  So I urgently asked the nurse, “How am I supposed to push if I can’t feel my legs?”  She told me she would coach me.  Just then my OB-GYN came in the room.  This was less than 5 minutes after I found out I was going to push.  I said, “How did you get here so fast?” Apparently she was watching my contractions on a monitor at home.  She knew it was time before I did!  The moment was here!  I put my chin to my chest and held my breath a couple of times and magically (at least in my mind it was magic) my son was born!  That was the moment that everything changed for me. That was the day I learned what love at first sight means.  It is like these kids put a spell on us that makes us want to be the best people ever!  That day was the beginning of my new life.