Tuesday, 28 July 2015 17:26

Remembering Joe Williams

On the surface being a film critic may seem glamorous and easy. You get to meet celebrities and see loads of movies, good and bad, before they come out and then expound your wisdom to the world on why you should or shouldn’t see a particular film. But this is not really the case.  In fact it's one of those occupations that could be a real grind filled with time constraints, studio politics, long hours and lots of people wanting to either praise you or tell you what an idiot you are.

•  Over 10,000 rolls of toilet paper were stolen from a Metro East charity over night.  Police are questioning everyone who has eaten a Slinger in the last 24 hours.

•  Parking Meter rates are going up in St. Louis.  Everything else remains either free or cheaper than the rest of the United States.  Quit yer bitchin', St. Louis.

•  To underscore the progressive nature of our city, Fair St. Louis' headliner is BLONDIE, a musical act whose last hit was in 1981. Apparently, Rudy Vallee was not available.

•  The FBI is warning about possible terrorist activity for Fair St. Louis.  Fortunately, everyone still thinks it's being held at the riverfront, so nobody will be at the Forest Park location for the terrorism.

•  UBER is offering free rides this weekend, so the company can make as much money as its drivers.

•  In an attempt to mitigate those upset by the recent legalization of gay marriage, Missouri is changing its name to the Don’t-Ask-Don't-Show-Me-State.

Wednesday, 01 October 2014 16:53

Taking Your Life Back With Yoga

 MG 2809

It has only been in the past few years that our culture’s poor health has become more acknowledged. With the over-stimulation of technology, people are seeing less of the outdoors and more of interactive computer games and friends’ Facebook walls. Thankfully, we are beginning to realize what a prominent (and unhealthy) role these can play in our lives. Combined with how our culture molds its people to accept an attitude and lifestyle of anxiety and perfectionism in a constant competitive atmosphere, we have forgotten the basics of how to take care of ourselves, of others, and how to listen to our bodies.


How did the Chase Park Plaza Hotel in St. Louis end up with a major ballroom — if not the most popular, definitely the most well-known, ballroom in St. Louis: the Khorassan Ballroom — that bears the same name as what is now being described as a terrorist group “worse than ISIS?!”

Tuesday, 26 August 2014 22:02

The Rashomon Gateway

One man is dead. Another admits to wielding the weapon that killed him. On that, everybody agrees—but not on anything else. What led up to the killing and how it all went down? That's all lost in a confusing and contradictory mix of eyewitness testimony and personal agendas.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014 10:03

I fought the law and the law won

I like loopholes. Sometimes they get you out of trouble and sometimes they are in integral part of the shoe tying process. I am no stranger to moving violations and have at times relied upon the long, proud history and tradition of  being able to make tickets go away in St. Louis. Of course it happened again, but this time it just made me mad - and a bit poorer.

Thursday, 29 May 2014 07:00

What I did on my Spring vacation

I perpetually have way more vacation time built up than I can easily use. Around the December holidays I traditionally take a few weeks off to relax and decompress after a ridiculously busy fall. At the end of April I was feeling a bit out of sorts and scheduled some down time towards the latter half of May. What was initially only a week morphed into almost two, with a few guest appearances in the office mid-stream. I didn't have anywhere to go or any real plans, but I plunged headlong into an earned and hopefully deserved staycation in the Lou culminating on Memorial Day. Here is what I did and didn't do.

The Clayton-Skinker-Oakland-McCausland intersection, at the intersection of Clayton-Skinker-Oakland and McCausland, more widely known as the Amoco Sign intersection, will be revamped by the city of St. Louis, much to the dismay of all St. Louisans who detest change.   And that would be all St. Louisans.

Monday, 28 April 2014 20:13

The hardest thing in the world

I love animals. Most of them love me too. Almost anywhere I go people's pets will seek me out at some point to spend some quality time. Dogs are my favorite furry friends, but it's often the shyest of cats that wind up curled up on my lap or chest for a brief chat and visit. We had a few dog's growing up, none of which I was especially close to.

Pets belonging to close friends and relatives became my canine and feline nieces and nephews to be spoiled and petted when Uncle Chris was around. I shared pets with a few exes over the years as well, but always seemed to lose custody in the divorce proceedings. That was rough. Tougher still was when these precious creatures came to the end of their face-licking lives here on Earth. I felt sorrow along with their owners at losing my friend. Now it's painfully close to the end for our thirteen year old named Saki.

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