Tuesday, 16 June 2015 17:05

St. Louis From Afar 6-17-2015

As I see it sitting a safe distance away here in Los Angeles …


-  Super-fast high speed internet is coming to St. Louis, which now means that misspelled and grammatically incorrect racist comments can be posted to the Post-Dispatch website faster than ever.


-  Lew Prince is exiting from his partnership with Tom "Papa" Ray as co-owner of Vintage Vinyl.  Look for Lew's new business, "Vintage Illegal Music Downloads."


-  A black bear was shot in Perryville last week.  I don't want to make a big deal out of it, but it should be pointed out that the cop was white.  And that only 11% of the Perryville police force are, in fact, bears.


-  The rained out Cardinals/Royals game has be rescheduled for September, 1982.


-  The Delmar Loop is getting a trolley, which will make drive-by shootings a team sport.

To meet the demand of St. Louis Cardinals fans to spend as much money as possible on anything Cardinals, a local bookstore announced today that they will sell reservations to buy tickets to purchase a lottery ticket for a drawing to guarantee a place in line to their bookstore to buy Tony La Russa’s new book, “One Last Strike.”  The book, originally titled “One Last Dollar,” but changed to be less obvious, goes on sale Sept 25.