Friday, 08 February 2013 16:11

The Tim Powers "So You Think You Know St. Louis" Trivia Quiz

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There are no prizes, I’m afraid, but St. Louisans DO love to brag, don’t we?

Here we go:

1.  Who was KSHE's Morning guy before JC Corcoran (not Ron Stevens, the guy RIGHT before)
2.  In the 70's, KDNL had a robot that introduced cartoons in the afternoon.  What was the robot's name?
3.  What was the legendary location of the KXOK studios during the glory years of the 60's?
4.  What type of music could you hear every morning on KMOX's morning show in the 70's and 80s?
5.  Who was Burger Chef's kid sidekick?
6.  Why should you try the Slyman Brothers?
7.  What's the home of Crazy Low Prices?
8.  What was the dial position of KNDA?
9.  What program gave up its time slot so KTVI could show "Good Morning America?"
10.  What does “TVG” stand for?
11.  Which of the Three Stooges is from St. Louis?
12.  What do Tina Turner and Karen Foss have in common?
13.  Where was The Varsity Theater?
14.  What was the redneck character John Craddock played on KSLQ before he invented Frank O Pinion?
15.  KMOX-TV tried to compete with Saturday Night Live by having a local disco dancing show.  What was it called?