Wednesday, 24 September 2014 12:43

The Rest Of The Story STL for September 24, 2014

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Here are the top St. Louis headlines of the week and their links if you want to read more.  But you really don’t need to; we supplied the rest of the story.


Boeing to Work On Ocean Drones (St. Louis Business Journal, Sep 23, 2014)

… So that Amazon can deliver your package while you swim.


St. Louis Tech Growth Noted  (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Sep 23, 2014)

… Doctor says it’ll go away if the tech doesn’t sit on his butt so much.


Fewer Savored Taste of St. Louis This Year (St.LouisPublicRadio, Sep 23, 2014)

… It tasted like chicken.


Foul Smell South of Downtown St. Louis Drawing Complaints  (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Sep 23, 2014)

… Turns out Soulard forgot to take a shower this morning.