Thursday, 20 September 2012 14:26

A Lovely Afternoon at St. Louis Centre

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This weekend, I am returning to St. Louis after not being in town for several long years.  The last time I was in town, I performed at the comedy club in Union Station.  I m so glad people are finally going back there.

The time that I have spent in Hollywood performing comedy and writing short films has been wonderful and Hollywood is my home now, but it will be great to come back and visit St. Louis for a few days.  I am bringing my wife for her first visit to my much talked-about and beloved hometown and there is so much I cant wait for her to see.

To avoid traffic, we considered flying in to Mid-America airport but that didn’t seem to work out.  We also considered taking Amtrak because I would imagine the city has gotten around to replacing that mobile home that they used as a train station for a few years, right?  It would be nice to show off our city with such grandeur.

The last time I was in The Lou, the old Busch Stadium was still standing and that Ballpark Village everyone was talking about was just a twinkle in the city council’s eye.  I cant wait to see how amazing it is now!

After that, I thought we could drive out and see what a cute, quaint small town St. Charles is and then swing by for some shopping at Northwest Plaza.  Or if we find ourselves down south, we could stop in Crestwood Plaza where the big stores are!  If it’s rainy, that could be a nice, long walk.  Our first night, we could probably unwind at a Steamers game at the Arena. .or.. Checkerdome.. or... Arena.

The next day, we could get up and have a big breakfast at the Parkmoor, visit some of my friends who work at Ted Koplar’s Channel 11 over in the Central West End and then spend an afternoon cruising the river on the Admiral.  That’ll be nice

Plus it will be great to hear JC Corcoran on the radio again.