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These are a few of my Favorite Things.....

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Yes, I stole the line from one of my favorite movies, The Sound of Music (really Robbie?). These are a few of my favorite things: crisp fall days, football, old time taverns, and of course, burgers. At Lloyd and Harry's in Old St. Charles, this is exactly what you get.

Did you know that each of the buildings in downtown St. Charles has a historic marker on it telling the story of each company or person that occupied the premises. Lloyd and Harry's at 208 N. Main was, until 1941, the former home to Schulze Plumbing. John Schulze worked to modernize St. Charles plumbing by installing plumbing and sewers, including St. Joseph's Hospital and the Rand Shoe Company, which employed 400 workers in downtown St. Charles....Okay Robbie, all we're hearing is blah, blah, blah....Tell us about the tavern, the food and the adult beverages already.

I suppose the best comparison (price-wise) to this great “little place” would be Fast Eddie's Bonaire in Alton. Great place Fast Eddie's, but eating there is anything but fast. First of all, you have to drive forever to get there, and once you're there you could wait 45 minutes to get that $1.00 burger. Not at all the case at Lloyd and Harry's. This is the best $1.00 burger anywhere. Freshly pattied and served hot off the grill.

Nothing on the menu is very expensive, so Jane and I decided to “go for it” in our selection of things to try. And I mean go for it. First we tried the wonderful Nachos topped with White Chicken Queso. Good amount of chicken and the queso had just the right flavor.


And what's the best way to cleanse your pallet after nachos at the bar? Chicken Wings of course! Cooked to order and not too terribly hot. Just the way they should be. Different sauces are available, but we went for the traditional Buffalo style.

Now it was time for the “entree”. I ordered the hamburger with pepper cheese, pickles, and onions because quite honestly that's what I came for, and Jane decided to try the Steak Kabob. Now seriously, $3.50 for a Steak Kabob, what did I expect? Not a tender, flavorful stick of marinated sirloin chunks and onions that were charbroiled. Good choice Jane. It was great. Since we had the really good loaded “homemade chips” that had bacon, sour cream, and melted cheese and fresh grilled bratwurst with sauerkraut, onions and spicy brown mustard the week before (did I mention we were there last week, too?), we decided to go with the onion rings today. Probably machine made, but good enough that you might not know the difference.



Although we sat inside today with the five large screen TVs with five different games going (I was in Heaven; Jane was not) and yes, there is smoking in the bar, there is one more great option at Lloyd and Harry's. The outside deck is complete with a bar, tables to eat at, a TV for the game, and a view looking out over the Missouri River. What a perfect way to spend a crisp fall afternoon.


P.S. We forgot to share the best part. The whole check came to $21.00, beverages included! What a great place.




Lloyd and Harry's

208 North Main

St. Charles, Missouri 63301

Phone: 636.916.5700



Monday – Saturday 11 AM till 1 AM

Sunday 11 AM till Midnight

Food served until 10 PM


Attire: Nobody Cares

Wheel Chair Accessible: No

Smoking: Yes


Other Locations:

Lloyd and Harry's Birdhouse

800 S 7th Street

St Louis, Missouri 63102

Hours: Only on Cardinal Baseball Game Days