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Pennie's BBQ: A Meat Lover's Paradise

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It’s Saturday afternoon, I’ve been putting in a new garden in my yard and I’m hungry. I want some meat and potatoes, and lots of it. Where should I go?  As my mouth watered thinking about a steak, ribs, or maybe even a ginormous burger, it hit me; some twenty years ago I ate at a place on Lemay Ferry Road by the name of PENNIES BBQ. I wondered, is it still there? I remembered an old tavern style restaurant sitting off the road and ordering a chicken kabob, the likes of something Fred Flintstone would eat.

It was date night and I wasn’t sure if Jane would excited about a place that served an 18 ounce, 1 1/2 inch thick pork steak, a 28 ounce pork kabob, or even the Pre-Historic  24 ounce chicken kabob, but she was all for it. We drove to South County, but the building was gone. I suppose I never got the memo that they moved to 4265 Reavis Barracks Rd, however, we found it and I was happy.

As soon as we walked in the door, a very friendly gentleman greeted us and took us right to a table. Within a minute or so, our server, Pat, who has worked at this meaty establishment for over 20 years, approached us for our drink order. Pat, who, by the way, had a terrible limp, came very quickly with our drinks and now it was time to decide. My first thought was to warm up with an order of Onion Rings. One word, deeeeeeeeelish!  I’m not claiming that they actually cut and battered them, but boy they were good. They came out hot and unlike most joints, not greasy at all. The best part was dipping them into the wonderful BBQ Sauce that is made in house. It’s a typical St Louis Sauce, tangy with just the right amount of sweetness.  Unlike a lot of your BBQ places today, there were not eight different sauces. For me, all I need is one good sauce.


Jane ordered the Pork Steak, me the Chicken Kabob. As we waited for our dinner, we took in the entire ambience. Just kidding, there’s not much of that. The décor consists mostly of older beer mirrors, some twinkle lights, and not much of anything else. All the tables are covered with a mix and match set of table cloths and different style tables and chairs throughout. Hey, we were there for the meat!

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After a short wait, Pat limped over with our dinner, and at that point my eyes were popping. Just like I remembered, 24 ounces of solid all white meat chicken on a stick covered with a fair amount of BBQ sauce and a Pork Steak that barely fit on the plate. Each dinner came with two sides. Jane had chunky apple sauce and baked beans.  I had ordered green beans and mashed potatoes, but somehow got the baked beans instead of potatoes. Pat was gracious and went to get mashed potatoes, but quite frankly I wished she hadn’t. To my disappointment they were very bland and the gravy was not much better. The apple sauce was pretty tasty. The baked beans were adequate. The greens beans, although from a can, had decent flavor. Let’s face it we were there for the “MEAT”.


It was amazing. The pork steak was smoked to perfection and as tender as can be with just the right amount of sauce. My chicken kabob couldn’t have been any better. Tender and juicy from the first bite til the last. And no, this kabob didn’t have onions, green peppers, mushrooms or tomatoes on it. Just chicken on a stick and that wonderful sauce.

It wasn’t long until we were sure that a lot of this food was going home to feed a hungry young man. There’s no way to finish this meal. They must have a lot of carry out containers ready to go, because as soon as we were done Pat brought out the box. It’s no wonder why we saw everyone leaving with a package.

While Pat was serving the check, I had to ask about dessert. Pat laughed and let us know that if we wanted to go pick something up at another place she’d be glad to join us.

What a great experience we had at Pennies BBQ.  If you’re looking for the glitz, glamour, and the painted plates, this place is not for you. If you’re looking for a good meal, at a great price, with good service, and a lot of great meat, Pennies BBQ is the place.


Price Range: Reasonable

Good for Groups: Great

Kid Friendly: For sure

Takes Reservations: No

Take-out: Yes

Table Service: Yes

Outdoor Seating: No

Wi-Fi: Doubt it

Wheelchair Accessible: Yes