Wednesday, 24 April 2013 11:16

Questioning the Reviewers

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What does it take to be a restaurant reviewer? Are they journalists or do they have degrees in Culinary Arts? Maybe they have Masters degrees in Restaurant Management. Have they ever worked in restaurants like most of us have at some point in our lives?

Myself, I have worked in all facets for many years in Food Service; however, I do like to eat. I’ve actually gotten pretty good at it and have done so for 59 years and I know what I like. As for the millions of people who post on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets, not to mention the so called “experts” who review on Yelp, Yahoo, and something called “,” they are nothing more than eaters themselves. Isn’t it all about individual tastes?

I recently went to Yelp and picked a restaurant that had 22 “reviews.” Out of those 22, three were negative. The good reviews almost always outweigh the bad. One negative reviewer went on and on about not being able to use her two Groupons at the same time, so I looked up the Groupon that she bought. It clearly stated that you could only use “one per table per visit,” but she apparently wanted to use both of them. Is that why she bashed a really good restaurant? Because she couldn’t use her Groupon illegally?

I want to be a Restaurant Reviewer, without becoming a Restaurant Critic. I want to share with you the great eating places that I find tucked away in St. Louis and surrounding areas. And you should know up front, I am a meat and potatoes kind of guy. But I’ll often bring friends because they’ll probably think it’s going to be free. (Not!) For many years people have always asked me the same question, “Where is your favorite place to eat?” and my answer was always the same: My Mom’s house. The food was just okay, but the service was unbelievable.

That’s what I want. Good, no, great service. Always remember, (servers pay attention) if the food was “okay” but the service in a restaurant was really good, the food tastes much better. My theory has always been just put a smile on someone’s face. Know your customer, treat them like family or friends, give them decent food, and they will smile. (And, oh yea, tip much better, too.)

I’ll always look forward to feedback from you on the places I find and I’ll always welcome your suggestions for places to visit.