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Rik Anthony

Rik’s love for radio began when he as 12, growing up near Chicago. He followed his dream first by becoming a DJ for American Forces Radio in 1978 with the United States Air Force.  Rik's radio career has spanned several markets including Cincinnati, Denver, Sacramento and even Guam before settling here in St. Louis in 1995.  When he’s not playing the role of Senior Producer here at OnSTL, you can hear him many evenings and every weekend at 92.3 WIL-FM.  Besides radio, Rik’s other passions include flying a plane, listening to music, going to the movies and being with his wife of 34 years. He has two grown children Shauna and Brad.   

Friday, 05 April 2013 14:57

Movie Review - The Host

THE HOST – This film came out last week, but with the hoopla of Easter weekend we finally caught it today.  Thanks to Eileen for suggesting we go see it.  Honestly, I’m not sure why the critics are detesting this alien, body snatcher-esque movie.  I thought Saoirse Ronan (The Lovely Bones) did an admirable job and I thought the concept of this Stephenie Meyer book based movie was pretty decent.  I’m not saying this is something you should plunk down $12 to go see it tonight, but hey when it comes to the dollar show in a couple weeks, it’s worth a look-see.  Score it a B.




Wednesday, 27 March 2013 21:59

Admission - Movie Review

ADMISSION – This film came out last Friday and the trailer didn’t win me over.  The movie, on the other-hand, did. Paul Rudd plays a very charming teacher/father and Tina Fey plays an un-yielding admissions officer for Princeton.  I enjoyed the very cutesy/witty verbal fencing match between the two characters and a twist I didn’t expect.  Unfortunately the ending was maybe one twist too far and left me scratching my head. It’s NOT a movie you NEED to see on the big screen.  But it IS one to put in your Netflix cue when it comes out on DVD.  Score it a B+




Friday, 22 March 2013 17:08


OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN ... AND I CAN'T GET UP! – A disturbing movie about a disgraced secret service officer, who becomes a “John McClane” one-man Army to save the president. Think of it as the original Die Hard, but it’s the White House instead of an LA skyscraper.

Our first thought was, how does the Department of Homeland Security fell about this pretty intricate and well executed terrorist movie plot? That being said, next week G.I. Joe: Retaliation will ALSO feature more bad guys taking over the White House- and that move DOES have Bruce Willis. Couldn’t Bruce and Gerard Butler (the hero in this one), just switched movies?

If you want ANOTHER movie with everything being blown to smitherines, then go see it. Personally, I just wished Hollywood could have parked one of those sweet F-22 Raptors they blew up in my back yard and we’ll call it a day. Score it a C+. One final suggestion; since we’re gonna be snowed in on Sunday, just rent the classic DIE HARD


Friday, 15 March 2013 16:11

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone - Review

THE INCREDIBLE BURT WONDERSTONE – It’s Siegfried and Roy (minus the tigers) VS Chris Angel in this magical comedy. Albeit this movie won’t get any considerations come Oscar time, it was a fun movie full of laughs and a few gross out moments courtesy of Jim Carrey. It’s not necessary to see this on the big screen, but if you’re in need of a laugh this weekend, this might me your magic ticket. Once again, 79 year-old Alan Arkin steals the show. Score it a B.



Friday, 08 March 2013 19:54


OZ, THE GREAT AND POWERFUL – Bravo Disney.  This precursor to The Wizard of Oz has some of the best 3D effects I’ve seen I awhile. The colors pop, the action is wonderful and highly entertaining.  This is a must see in 3D. The younger kid units might find it a tad scary, but a great family movie for this weekend.  

The only fault I saw was casting James Franco as Oz; kinda like casting Kevin Costner as Robin Hood.  His performance wasn’t memorable enough for a fictional character of that magnitude.  For my fellow Pink Floydians, I wasn’t sure when to sync Dark Side of the Moon with this version of the movie.  Maybe it’ll work better with Ummagumma, Atom Heart Mother or Meddle?  Score it an A-



Thursday, 07 March 2013 15:59


DARK SKIES - We finally got a chance to see this release from a two weeks ago.  Think of it as Close Encounters meets Paranormal Activity, but not as good as either of those movies. The movie was at least better than the trailer, but was more laughable than suspenseful.  Josh Hamilton who plays the dad asks paranormal expert J.K. Simmons, “Why us?” I agree; the only character I liked was the young son played by Kadan Rockett.  If I was an alien, I would have moved on.  If you truly like alien movies, then wait and see it on Netflix or cable.

Being a UFO enthusiast since I was a little kid, I can provide this movie goof.  The grey aliens are depicted as the same height as the parents in this movie.  Even a novice knows “greys” are small in stature; barely 4 feet in height.  If you’re gonna go for believability, at least get the basic facts right. Score it a C+.

Check back soon; our next movie is OZ....



Sunday, 03 March 2013 15:05

Jack The Giant Slayer

Wow, two Nicholas Hoult movies in two months?  You will recognize our hero Jack, from last month’s zombie love story Warm Bodies.  Three Fs: Fun, Fantasy, Fairy Tale. Very enjoyable flick; with heroes, villains and lots of giants. Now being a SF Giants fan, my wife was in fact rooting for the Giants to win.  The film has a lot of death and war scenes, so it might be a little strong for kiddos.  Odd note: there were several tie-ins to the Pirates of the Caribbean series: The King was played by Blackbeard; General Fallon was played by Davy Jones and there was a hero named Jack. It’s a fun, family night for most.  Score it a solid B.

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