Rik Anthony

Rik Anthony

Rik’s love for radio began when he as 12, growing up near Chicago. He followed his dream first by becoming a DJ for American Forces Radio in 1978 with the United States Air Force.  Rik's radio career has spanned several markets including Cincinnati, Denver, Sacramento and even Guam before settling here in St. Louis in 1995.  When he’s not playing the role of Senior Producer here at OnSTL, you can hear him many evenings and every weekend at 92.3 WIL-FM.  Besides radio, Rik’s other passions include flying a plane, listening to music, going to the movies and being with his wife of 34 years. He has two grown children Shauna and Brad.   

Sunday, 09 June 2013 15:54

Movie Review - The Internship

THE INTERNSHIP – Think of it as The Wedding  Crashers meets Revenge of the Nerds.  Two 40ish salesmen delve into the world of the 20-year-olds, to get a job working for Google.  This comedy seemed more like a two hour cliché about how anyone over 40 isn’t smart enough to use a computer properly.  It was also a two hour commercial extoling the virtues of a working for Google (which does sound pretty cool). There were some laughs, but I felt it was too predictable and tiresome.  Score it a C.




Here I am making a couple of hot laps with Gateway Motorsports Park track owner Curtis Francois at the wheel. Wow what a rush! I can cross that off my Bucket List. The first portion of the video features the Traxxas Silver Crown cars that raced over the weekend. I'm in the black Corvette. Hope you enjoy.

Sunday, 02 June 2013 17:19

Movie Review - NOW YOU SEE ME

NOW YOU SEE ME – I do like those movies where you root for the supposed bad guys. This illusionist/con-men (and woman) movie was fun and enjoyable… all the way until the last ten minutes. Then the screen writer threw us a curve that was abit too unbelievable to buy. One the plus side, I though the acting jobs by Jesse Eisenberg and Woody Harrelson were nicely done. I’m still not a big fan of Mark Ruffalo (sorry Hulk fans). If the ending had been a bit more believable, this would have been a solid A. It wasn’t, score it a B.




STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS –This film is the sequel to the Star Trek prequel that came out in 2009. Admittedly, I AM NOT a Trekkie! However, I have seen most of the Star Trek movies and this version of the Enterprise crew has totally won me over. I’m happy to say this film lived up to all the hype. The 3D puts you into the action and I think I may have to see this one a couple more times to soak it all in. As good as this movie is, it’s not as good as the 2009 movie, which had some funny moments and amazing character interaction. It also stole a couple of key moments from another Star Trek movie that left me a tad jaded. That being said, Trek fan or not, this movie is a MUST SEE on the big screen. I highly recommend the 3D version. JJ Abrams, you won me over once again. Score it an A-




Saturday, 04 May 2013 17:40

Movie Review - Iron Man 3

IRON MAN 3 – You know for not being a fan of super heroes, I’ve sure seen a lot of their movies. Robert Downey Jr. really knows how to bring to life the cockiness of Tony Stark as iron Man.  Iron Man 3 doesn’t disappoint. It has everything you want in a superhero movie. Add on an interesting plot twist, great jobs from Ben Kingsley and a new young actor named Ty Simpkins and you’ve got a must see on the big screen.  I enjoyed the movie in all its in 3D glory.  My wife said it was unnecessary to pay the extra to see it in 3D. The only minus was the sensory overload is a tad overwhelming at times. Score it an A- 



Friday, 26 April 2013 21:40

Movie Review - PAIN & GAIN

Our 25th movie for 2013 is PAIN & GAIN starring Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne Johnson and Anthony Mackie.

My wife pointed out that the trailer for Pain & Gain was very misleading. She thought the movie was an action comedy with a hint of Ocean’s 11. This movie was none of that. It’s a bloody dark-comedy that left you unsure of who you were actually rooting for; the bad-guys or the bad-bad guy?  Let me just say half of you will love this movie; and half will hate this movie.  My personal vote was for the latter half.  Despite this movie having several of my favorite actors, I’m gonna score it a C-   


Let me also add; this movie is a strong R with bloody-violence, rampant drug use, nudity, profanity and IS NOT a place to bring your four year old.  I say that because the couple behind us did. Great parenting there folks.  Scar the child in favor of hiring a baby sitter. 



Friday, 19 April 2013 15:15

Movie Review - OBLIVION -

OBLIVION – Think of Minority Report meets War of the Worlds meets Mission Impossible and little Top Gun thrown in for good measure. This Sci-Fi action movie is finally a Tom Cruise movie I DIDN’T MIND PAYING FOR. The plot had several twists and kept our interest throughout.

The CGI’d post war Earth was believable and Tom’s bubble ship had me wanting to fly one myself. I would recommend seeing this one on the big screen. Score it an A-




Saturday, 13 April 2013 14:32

Movie Review - 42

42 – I am a baseball fan and when I saw the trailer for this last year, I knew this one was going to be special.  I was NOT disappointed. Harrison Ford was magnificent as Brooklyn Dodgers Executive Branch Rickey, very worthy of some awards next winter. This movie drives your emotions and makes you truly feel sympathetic to what Jackie Robinson did for African-Americans and the sport of baseball.  This is wonderful bit of film making from Brian Helgeland, who won the Oscar for L.A. Confidential.  Caution, as you may imagine there are a ton of racial slurs and a copious use of the N-word.  Parents, be advised when bringing your future MLB All-Stars to the theater.  Score it an A. 






Saturday, 13 April 2013 14:30

Movie Review - Scary Movie 5

SCARY MOVIE V - This is the ideal movie for those in need of some mindless fun and some belly laughs. It delivered both. This is NOT a movie you need to see on the big screen. If you’ve bought into the slapstick and somewhat gross antics of the previous four movies, then you know what you’ll get in #5. This one spoofs Paranormal Activity, Mama, Black Swan and a few other films such as Inception and Rise of the Planet of the Apes. A basic understanding of these movies will make the viewing more understandable. Score it a B-.


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