Saturday, 15 June 2013 17:09

Movie Review - Man of Steel

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MAN OF STEEL – There was plenty to like in this movie and there was plenty to dislike as well.  I though the actors cast to play the roles were a good call, especially Amy Adams as Lois Lane.  I didn’t care for flash-back, flash-forward then flash-back then….  I did appreciate the back-story about Krypton.  I also enjoyed the awkward romantic vibe between Lois Lane and Clark/Kal El.  However, the big negative is the length of the film is the length, 158 minutes.  Mainly the long fight scene between Superman and General Zod, that was nothing more than a CGI’d wrestling match using the skyscrapers of Metropolis as the ropes and turnbuckles. Watch out for whiplash and plan your bathroom breaks accordingly. Score it a B-.