Raye Cole

Raye Cole

Who's the fastest rising performer in the Show-Me-State, Missouri? Two words. Raye Cole. Standout performances keep this emerging artist on the Indie scene's invitation lists. Get ready for authenticity cause it's here in a pleasure package created by this Midwest song bird. Original lyrics are skillfully sprinkled over rich and sultry vibes reminiscent of smooth R&B, with a mix of funk and a hearty dose of soul.

When performing cover songs from favorite artists, Raye Cole’s talent shines through her connection with audiences. Her vocals act as a gateway welcoming great lyrics and a final destination for an experience of musical ecstasy. A true professional in every sense of the word, she has a natural talent for keeping crowds grooving and wanting more.

Raye Cole’s musical journey has evolved from just singing to sharing her passion for creating songs, poetry, raps, and melodies. The first independent single released is “God$Gun,” a beautifully crafted song that continues to be a crowd pleaser. The kind of music you will hear from this artist is an open narrative exploring themes that call on and presents a deeper meaning about people, relationships, and life. “Now I have awesome song, I am eager to perform and get heard! I have several project ideas in the works but my goal is to perfect one at a time,” says Raye Cole.

Since as far back as she can remember, turning people onto music has been a passion. With a rapidly rising multi-media presence, Raye Cole’s vision of one day teaching (artist development) and bringing other artists into the spotlight is being realized. Currently, she is a co-host for “Indie Up Saturday” on the D-Hour Radio network, a popular blog radio program showcasing cutting-edge music and interviews with Indie R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, and Neo-Soul newcomers. Her entertainment repertoire also includes providing commentary on popular trends in the news, entertainment, politics and culture through blogs. Other industry projects include providing a few original songs for an upcoming independent film.

Further proving her versatility as an artist, she is working on launching a jewelry line, “Raye’s Reflections.” This project will include several collections that reflect the great weight placed on what she is feeling. Energized by having a purpose driven life, this stunning contemporary line of jewelry creates yet another opportunity for Raye Cole to set trends.

Get ready to hear more from this multi-talented songstress as she continues to give her all to each and every performance and project, expand her creativity, and collaborate with other movers and shakers in the industry.

Wednesday, 02 July 2014 15:30

Life of an Indie Artist St. Louis

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This weekend I decided to go out and support some of my artist friends. The first show that I went to was actually an outdoor festival in Belleville, Illinois called Wine Dine and Jazz. It was my first time attending this festival. I was invited out by Zelina Star Norma Bott-Goins on Facebook. Her stage name is Xena. I remember her from high school. We didn’t really know each other during high school. Later in life we discovered that we have a common interest--music. It was a beautiful day in downtown Belleville. People were out and about shopping, dining, and enjoying the festival. Downtown Belleville is absolutely beautiful and has a lot of “hometown” shops. FYI, a lot of spots in downtown Belleville cater to the Arts. The festival was located down by the fountain. The stage was set up near the court house. There were plenty of food trucks providing delicious grub. I partook in some of the delish foods and found myself a seat and prepared for the show. Xena did an amazing job. She had an hour set. She performed a lot of different cover songs with a touch of Jazz added to the mix. She was very energetic and engaging with audience. She looked amazing rocking a black and white high low dress. I was very happy that I could make it out and support my fellow Indie Artist. I look forward to her next show!

Thursday, 26 June 2014 15:10

Life of an Indie Artist St. Louis

This last week was somewhat of a chill week. I was able to regroup my life a little from the chaotic previous weeks. I washed my clothes, cleaned my house, and worked on other projects. It felt good to relax a bit. Last week I was invited to sing at a former classmate's wedding. She heard me singing at another former classmate's wedding and asked if I could do the same for her. And I said yes, of course.  I have known the bride since the 5th grade. It is always awesome to see my former classmates doing well and enjoying their lives. Her wedding was at the Knights of Columbus in Cahokia, IL. It was a neat venue. There were sliding doors that separated the ceremony area from the reception area. Her wedding colors were very festive and tropical. Her bridesmaids wore a green, a pink, or a yellow dress. The dress had a strap on one side and was off the shoulder on the other. They all looked nice. Her decorations were green, pink, and yellow as well! The room was very pretty. The bride's dress was beautiful. The dress was cream with floral lace. There were beautiful buttons running down the back of her dress and the bottom of her dress had an umbrella-like opening with a train. She wore a beautiful hat instead of a veil. And she had “the girls” pushed up and ready to go lol! She resembled a Southern Belle.

Susan Komen Breast Cancer Walk

My weekend was long but it was definitely awesome! First, we hit up the 2014 Susan G. Komen 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk. My sister, myself, my future mother–in-law and brother in-law, and two of my future mother-in-law’s friends caught the Metrolink over to the Scott Trade Center to be a part of the walk. We got there around 7:30 a.m. We made our way over to the walk and the fun began. The day was perfect. The weather was awesome. And the streets were decorated with pink and white decorations. People wore pink and white attire and I even saw a pink and white puppy. We took pictures with the KSDK NewsChannel 5 crew. We played some of the games that were provided. We danced and laughed with strangers. And we also received tons of free items from sponsors of the walk. I had an amazing time at the walk. I love to see people of all backgrounds coming together to support such a worthy cause. We stayed at the walk until about 9:30 and then we left. I can’t wait until the walk returns next year because we will be back. I started supporting the walk back in 2010 after my mother passed away from cancer. Cancer is not a joke. To see so many people that have been affected by breast cancer/ cancer out and rallying for the cause is amazing! Powerful event!

Monday, 09 June 2014 16:46

Life of a Indie Artist


by Raye Cole


Life of an Indie Artist out of St. Louis: Last night .... was fun. I got to hang out with my girls and perform on one of the hottest Open Mic Stages in St. Louis. The first time I went to Cafe Soul - St. Louis (the open mic that I am referring to) was last month. I had an amazing time.

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