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Monday, 02 November 2015 15:44

Life of an Indie Artist in St. Louis November 2, 2015

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What’s up world? Hope all is well. I haven’t spoken to you guys in a while. I had to take a break from music. Now I’m back and I have some wonderful news. My music is featured in the film “Cronies.”

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The film premiered in St. Louis at the Tivoli.

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It will also be playing in the St. Louis International Film Festival in November of this year. If you can remember a few blogs back, I told you guys about a movie that was filmed right here in St Louis. The writer and director of this film is Michael J Larnell. The executive producer is Spike Lee. And guess what? Not only are two of my songs in the film, but one is in the trailer for the film. I feel so lucky. That could have been any Indie Artist in St Louis singing on that trailer. The song featured on the trailer is none other than “God $ Gun.” I wrote this song when I was seventeen and pissed off. Met up with Boroppee Grove Rashad a few years later and his sound helped me create a hit. He is a freelance musician here in St. Louis. Check him out. He has really reasonable rates. The other song featured in the film is “Days Like This.” This was a tune that I created with Kwa Ken Dread. He is another freelance musician in St Louis.

 My crew and I were heavy in attendance. So after the premiere at the Tivoli, there was an after-party at Cicero’s.

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Guess who was asked to sing? Yasssss! Yours truly! Al Smith--the music supervisor for the film--reached out to me and I was like hell yeah! I had a wonderful performance.

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Curt Copeland--thank you so much for being there and rocking with me. You can catch us rocking out around St Louis.

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We work through an organization called STLive. STLive is a wonderful organization that helps Indie Artist in St Louis progress to the next level. A special shout out to Dana Kay Goddard. She is a motivated woman and I am so happy to know her. The after show was a blast. I felt so loved. My friends, family and coworkers really celebrated with me. It was such a magical feeling. I felt so honored and blessed.

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I have a few upcoming shows. The flyers are posted below:


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