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Tuesday, 27 January 2015 17:02

Life of an Indie Artist in St. Louis

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Hello world. I am back with fresh adventures. Get ready for the life of an indie artist in St. Louis. The last time I performed was back in December. I had to take a mini break from performing. I have not performed all month. I needed the break because I needed time to “miss it”. I'm looking forward to my next performances, which I have four of set up for next month. I have a performance on Feb 7th at Melt on Cherokee. I have a performance on Feb 21st at Jones Plaza in Illinois. I have a show on Feb 26th at the Blank Space on Cherokee. My last show is on Feb 28th at the Regional Arts Commission Building on Delmar. Check out the flyers for more info.

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I have not been performing this month; however, I have been partying. Both of my girlfriends have birthdays in January and one of them is getting married next month. We are the type of girls who like to celebrate life and accomplishments. So, that is what we’ve been doing. Our first outing was for my girl Denise’s birthday. Her birthday dinner was held at Brio’s in Frontenac. The theme for her celebration was the Kentucky Derby. We all put on our fancy hats and stepped out on the town.

Denises bday dinner

That was my first time dining at Brio’s. It was a very elegant place to dine. I enjoyed my steak, mashed potatoes, and broccoli. My girl Brittany hosted the event and it was beautiful. We played games and really enjoyed each other’s company. Brittany decorated our table with beautiful trinkets. Every trinket was inspired by something that you would see at the Kentucky Derby.

Denises bday dinner 2

The next party that I attended was again for my girl Denise. She threw an event for herself as well. This party was held at the Drunken Fish on the Landing. They serve, I believe, Japanese cuisine. I didn’t eat dinner. I had dessert instead. I had a chocolate lava cake with ice-cream and strawberries…. It was delicious. My friend had about 25 guests. The theme for her party was lipstick and lace. She invited quite a few women and quite a few showed up.

Lipstick and lace

The room was decorated with black and gold accessories. It was elegant and fun. You know sometimes when there are a lot of women, the cattiness can be overwhelming, but that was not the case for this event. We enjoyed each other’s company, the games, and yes lawd the food! At the end of the party we all exchanged business cards. It was great to see a room full of successful women getting along and having fun.


So many opportunities have come into my life. There is so much going on in my real life and my music life. I am not complaining, but I am definitely figuring out a way to stay on top of it all. I am hoping to have some great news for you guys in my future blogs. This news is going to be mind-blowing. Until next time, say a little prayer for me. This is your girl Raye Cole and this is he Life of An Indie Artist in St. Louis. Check out my music on SoundCloud: Raye Cole. Also like OnStL and Raye Cole Music on Facebook!

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