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Life of a Indie Artist October 29

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Hello readers, how are you? Hopefully, all is well with you. It’s time for an update in the “Life of an Indie Artist”. This month started out really chill and smooth but somewhere about a week ago the turbulence presented itself.

Friday, October 17th I had tickets to a seminar and I also started my new job that night. Once the seminar was over, I hit the highway and made my way to my job. I work as a street team member for a very awesome newspaper in St. Louis. Earlier that day, I was having issues with my tire but I thought everything was resolved. Boy, was I wrong. My car ended up breaking down before I could get off the highway. The tire collapsed and I was not able to move any further. It was night time and I was in an area that I was not familiar with. Luckily, my best friend was with me on the road. We spotted a Quick Trip off the highway and we decided to make our way over. Luckily, a passerby offered us a lift. Once we got to the gas station I called my fiancé and had him call our insurance company to come and get the vehicle. Thank Gawd for roadside assistance. Once I got that situation squared away, I called a taxi because I still had to get to work. The taxi arrived about fifteen minutes after I called. As we were boarding the taxi I could see the police behind my car on the highway. I began to panic because I did not want the cops to tow my car. I called the jurisdiction and had them contact the cop and to let the cop know that my insurance company was on the way. After a few back and forth phone calls the cop towed my vehicle anyway. This turbulence leads to a 5 day long headache. But the beauty of being a performer is that you can turn on the necessary attitude and proceed with your business. I made it to work. The event that I was working was called The Love Passion’s After Party at the Dark Room on Grand. I’m not sure what the show was about but the star of the show showed up in a see-through gown with pasties and a thong on. Sounds a little raunchy but it actually had a touch of class. The star of the show was actually from Canada and was here of course in St. Louis for the show. People came to the Dark Room to enjoy a glass of their fabulous wine and other beverages. The Dark Room has a simple but elegant atmosphere. It has a few paintings and very simple furniture. It is small but spacious. And even though I did not drink that night, their wine is amazing. My co-worker and I signed people up for the newspaper’s email, we took photos of people having a great time, and we gave out some giveaways for signing up for the newsletter. Although my night was off, I still performed my job and did it with a smile! The next day, I worked the event for The Demo on Manchester. The Demo was re-opening and of course we were sent there to take pics, get emails, and pass out some coolness to those who signed up for the email. The Demo was a pretty neat place. I wouldn’t mind performing there. The Demo is attached to a record store which, in my opinion, is genius. On the other side of the Demo is the bar and stage. It was really dark on that side of the room but it could have been because they were setting up for the evening. A band was scheduled to perform later on, but our assignment was over before that time. I would have liked to stick around to see how they operate their shows but because my car was MIA, I was at the mercy of someone else. Maybe next time.

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The next event that I found myself at was the Harvest Festival that took place in Laumeier Sculpture Park. I was volunteering with KDHX. The event was pretty interesting. It was definitely a family event. The event was sponsored by Sauce Magazine and Laumeier Park and of course KDHX was there. The food smelled and tasted amazing. I ate some cheese fries once my shift was over and the music was entertaining. During my shift, I saw two performances. The first band was called Dugout Canoe. It was a group of 4-5 gentlemen performing folk songs. I don’t usually listen to Folk music. However, I don’t dislike Folk music. They were pretty good. You could tell that they enjoy playing together. The next act that I saw was T&A Tom Hall and Alice Spencer. They were a very talented duo. They both had awesome singing voices. I was very impressed with Alice. She played 3 different instruments and she also made trombone sounds with her singing voice. They were every entertaining and I could tell the audience felt the same way. It is always a great time volunteering with KDHX. I get to meet interesting people and it is always a pleasure to have fans of the station express their love for the station!

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The next event that I landed at was actually a performance. Kevin Nacy signed me up to be a part of the Revival Open Mic Series at Foam near Cherokee Street for Monday Oct 20th. I performed there earlier in the year with a traveling musician by the name of Robert Leo Newton – on Facebook. The host of the Revival Series was Mariah De Young – on Facebook. That night, I’m not going to lie, I really didn’t feel like singing. I had been going back and forth with the police and the insurance company all morning about my car. I was bummed out about that and I had just left a class. But being the singer that I am, I sucked it up and made my way to the open mic. I was happy that I did go and performed. I met some great people and had a great time. The atmosphere was so chill and authentic. Open mics are always awesome. I love the raw energy that an open mic offers. You can really be yourself and let things flow at a good open mic. Special thanks to Kevin Nacy – on Facebook – for playing guitar for me and special thanks to Tracy Swigert – on Facebook – for playing percussion for me. I look forward to checking out Tray's open mic on Wednesday at Shameless Grounds.

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My insurance company finally picked up my truck and it ended up being totaled out. This to me is a blessing. I have been having issues with the tires on the truck and it has been a headache for the last five months. So although this was a stressful situation, it actually turned out to be a blessing. I get my money back for the truck and I can get myself a better vehicle. And shout out to my future mother-in-law. Without her help, none of these adventures over the last week would have been possible. There is always a light in times of darkness for this indie artist. Thank you for reading and staying tuned. Until my next adventures, my name is Raye Cole and this is the life of an Indie Artist in St. Louis. Feel free to comment on this article. Feedback is always welcome. Check me out on Facebook: Raye Cole Music and Follow me on Twitter: @Raye_Cole. Check out my music on: Soundcloud and Reverbnation under Raye Cole. Peace and love. Photos used are courtesy of the Revival Concert Series.