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Life of a Indie Artist October 16

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Hello all. How are you? How have you been? I hope all is well! Welp, I am back and ready to fill you in with my latest adventures. October has been more of chill month. I had a few performances at the beginning of the month and I have two more—a mini Open Mic Tour and the Revival Open Mic at Foam. So, let’s begin where we left off. In my last blog I told you about some up-and-coming shows. The first opportunity that knocked was from 1380 the X- Face the Music STL.


1380 the X is a radio station here in St. Louis. My girl Molly Simms tagged me in a FB post that one of the hosts – Jaime Holmes on FB – posted looking for interviewees. I reached out and she said that she would love to interview me! Also, I would get to sing on air. I reached out to Kevin Nacy – on Facebook and Keilah Evans – on Facebook to assist me with music and background vocals. My girl Shayvonda Mayes – on Facebook was not able to make it. We had a little time before the interview so we ran through of my songs. I could tell that everyone was nervous yet excited! We went into the room and had a great time and experience. We were interviewed by Jamie and Grandpa Grumpy! We sang, we laughed, and we had a wonderful time. I was so thankful for the opportunity.


Next, I performed at Plush on Locust. This was my first time coming to Plush. It was a neat venue. It is also a pretty big venue. It is a two sided venue. The one side looks like a bar/lounge area and the other side had the stage. The side with the stage has two stories and the night of the event, they added a runway to the stage. The audience’s seats circled around the runway. They also had a photographer taking photos on the red carpet. The name of the event that I performed in was STL Extravaganza. This wonderful event was put together by Dawn Moore – on Facebook. I love the concept behind this event. There was a dancer and models on stage while the musicians performed. It was like double entertainment. While I performed, the “little divas” took the runway. I called them little divas because they were between the ages of maybe 4-10. They were so adorable and sassy. The fashions were on point and the models definitely had a mean walk going on! This was a very pleasant show and I am thankful that I was able to be a part of it! I wish I could have stayed longer and really enjoyed the entire show but I was feeling under the weather. I also want to give a shout out to the other artist, Mookie Tolliver – on Facebook, who is a great entertainer. He can sing, he can dance, and he will make you lol behind the scenes. Mookie and his guy Lonnie KillaBee Smith – on Facebook – did an awesome job! Nex,t I want to shout out Darris Robins – on Facebook and Dominique Milam – on Facebook. They are amazing! Dominique has a beautiful voice and Darris is a talented rapper and overall conductor. They reminded me of the Fugees! All of you guys are definitely going places. It was a pleasure sharing the stage with you all.


My next adventure was at Bombshell’s Bar and Grill out in St. Charles. I was invited to perform by Jimia Poetiq Warren – on Facebook. She was showcasing some of her songs and invited me out to perform. The area was really nice. There were clubs and restaurants and people were out and about enjoying themselves. Bombshells was a nice pub that had awesome drinks and food! When I arrived, I greeted Jimia and the other entertainers. She had her band set up and ready to go. The host for the evening was Aja La Star Owens – on Facebook. Aja also performed! The other performer for the evening was a rapper named Vince Akurate Harris – on Facebook. We did an amazing job. Jimia not only sang, but she rapped and played the saxophone. Also Jimia was nominated by the Slumfest music awards for best female hip-hop and Pioneer!Congrats to her! Aja and Vince both silenced the crowd. Anytime you can silence a crowd in St. Louis you are winning, darling. And I gave them the Raye Cole Music Experience, honey! I had an excellent time. The energy was beautiful and I was happy that I could make it.


My last story … So, I got a job! Where and doing what you ask?! Well, you will find out where later but I am a part of a pretty awesome Street Team for a pretty awesome newspaper. I'm going on my first assignment tonight. I get to go to the coolest events and take pics and pretty much do what I’m already doing! I am so excited. I applied for this job three times. I refused to take no for an answer. I changed my approach and got the email to come in for an interview the same day! So guess what that means: more blogs, more often. I usually try to lump my adventures into one great blog but now I will have many more to tell you about! I finished recording a new single with Vinnis SaxMan Bryant III – on FB. Vinnis created the music and is also doing the production for the song. Check out Vinnis’ new Mixtape, “Handwriting in My Notebook”. He is a very talented saxophonist! I am very excited about the song that we are working on! I believe that this song is going to be a hit. I wrote and arranged the lyrics and sang them too lol. I’m working on my new project (s) and my plans for next year. Thus far, this year has been amazing and I am hoping that next year is twice as amazing! I am thankful and blessed! Until next time loves, my name is Raye Cole and this is the Life of an Indie Artist in St. Louis. Like my Fb page: Raye Cole Music, Follow me on Twitter: @Raye_Cole, Reverbnation and Soundcloud: Raye Cole, and YouTube: Raye Cole. And most importantly, share and comment on the blog! Feedback is always wonderful!