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Life of a Indie Artist

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Hi world, it is me again. I am back with more adventures, as promised! September has been an incredible month for Raye Cole. Rachell has been on pins and needles. Who is Rachell you ask? Rachell is the part of me that lives in reality and handles business. Raye is the part of me that is chasing our dreams. This month has really shown me a lot about myself. Good and bad. There were times this month that I just wanted to lock myself in my room and say eff it. But the determination that lives inside of me would not allow me to do that. So where to start… Let’s start at the Dogtown Music Festival.

dogtown show

The festival was on September 20th. Here is some info about the Dogtown Music Festival courtesy of “The purpose of this festival will be to celebrate the rich musical history of Dogtown. Throughout our history many neighborhood residents took part in various musical shows and plays. Although a few with great talent went on to professional careers in their musical skill, the great majority of the performers were just normal people who performed out of sheer enjoyment and community involvement. It is with this concept in mind that we would showcase street musicians who would be spread throughout the Dogtown business district playing their instruments and entertaining the community. These street musicians, commonly referred to as buskers, will be stationed on the sidewalks on Tamm Avenue throughout the business district.”

Kevin Nacy sent me the information about the festival. I reached out and was accepted to perform. I invited the girls Keilah Evans and Shayvonda Maes–on Facebook—to sing with me and Kevin Nacy—on Facebook—to play guitar. Musicians were spread out in every corner playing. I met with John, the gentleman who looked over the event. He greeted us and told us where we would be performing. We had a pretty cool corner. We performed by the entrance of the festival so everyone could hear and see us upon arrival. They had the musicians spaced out so you really couldn’t hear the music unless you were close to them. Boy, were they in for a surprise with me. Let’s just say that I’ve been told that I don’t need a mic. People were gathering around us listening and after we would complete a song you would hear people near and far applauding. We also made some tips! I was nervous initially, but once we got out there it was on! I told the ladies and Kevin, “Let’s just have fun!” And that was what we did.

undercover weekend 2

Next, I performed at the Firebird on Olive for Undercover Weekend as a background vocalist for Al Holliday and The East Side Rhythm Band. The show was Friday Sept 26th. The idea behind Undercover Weekend is for an act to pick a celebrity musician and cover their music and imitate that celeb. Al selected Joe Cocker. We performed 7 songs. I learned so much from this experience. Al Holliday is a powerhouse! He is a great vocalist and I like the way that he ran his show. He also won “Best Male Vocalist” in the Riverfront Times. Molly Simms, Jaqui, and I did our thing as background vocalists. I was so nervous. I was shaking. But once I hit the stage and saw all of those people looking at the stage, it was show time. The band is amazing. The pianist was awesome, the congo player held it down, the horn section killed it, and the guitarist rocked out! I was a part of a wonderful production. And the best feeling was the response from the audience! To look out and see that the audience was feeling it was priceless! Thank you for the experience!

undercover weekend 4

My latest performance was at Love-Jones Theory at the Lion’s Den in Bellefontaine. The show was on Sunday, September 28th. I have performed in this showcase before. Dave always invites me to perform. The last two shows I was the opener. Opening a show is fun, but a hard position. The opener sets the mood for the show and I think I have done pretty well as the opener. Love-Jones is always a great time. The latest show was hosted by Poet Lightening—on Facebook. She is definitely a powerhouse performer and a great host. I was so happy to see my friend Kellee Jones—on Facebook—at the show. Kellee and I use to work together and she has always been supportive of my music! Seeing her really made my day.


I have a few shows coming up in October. This Saturday, I will be performing at the STL Extravaganza at Plush. Tickets are $20 and doors open at 7p.m. Come out and see some great fashion and talent! Next, I will be a part of a showcase called Poetiq’s Reflection on October 9th at Bombshell’s Bar and Grill. I will also be hitting up a few open mics and then I really have to redirect my focus. I have projects that I need to focus on. Stay tuned and I will definitely blog about that journey as well. This month I lost my voice and my mind lol yet I am still standing and pushing forward. Life is what you make it, right!? Right! Thank you for reading and staying tuned. Again, my name is Raye Cole and this is The Life of an Indie Artist. Like my Facebook page: Raye Cole Music. Follow me on Twitter: @Raye_Cole. Check me out on SoundCloud and Reverbnation: Raye Cole and Youtube: Raye Cole.