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Life of an Indie Artist

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Long time no see. How have you been? Hopefully well?! It is time to catch you up on my latest adventures. I performed about 25 times if not more this year. I have hit up different open mics, I have submitted to opportunities, and I have been invited out to perform at shows. I have had some great times and experiences. My latest experience was with RAW Artist St. Louis and a The Show and Prove Showcase. I also volunteered at the Big Muddy Blues Festival that was on the Landing. First, let’s talk about RAW!


The first time I went to a RAW Artist Showcase was earlier this year. My girlfriend was a part of the showcase and I went to support her. I was impressed with the set up. The event was held at the Coliseum on Washington. The Coliseum already has this Ancient Greece theme going and RAW just took it to another level. They had every type of art/artist in the building. They had photographers, fashion designers, models, makeup artists, live entertainment, etc. I was drawn to the stage and the gentlemen that were performing. The stage was live! There was a runway attached to it and a disco ball spinning and reflecting light and different colors. I thought to myself… I’m getting on that stage. We submitted my material and a few months later I was selected! I received the call and was told everything that I would need to do. I was able to get together some musicians to have some live music behind me. The beautiful young ladies that were able to help me during my “Open Mic Tour” were able to assist me during the show. And I turned water into wine in regards to selling all of my tickets! We came, we saw, and we rocked it! It was a packed house and it felt incredible to look out into the audience and see that people were rocking with us. We came on the stage rocking and we exited the stage rocking. I was blessed to be around such talented individuals! I couldn’t have rocked it without them. Thank you Lordell Rush, Bernard Long Jr., Kevin Nacy, Keilah Evans, and Shayvonda Mayes! We did that!

show and prove1

My next venture landed me at the “Show and Prove” showcase hosted by Robert RobbooStl Ford – on Facebook. He looks over an event called Slumfest. It is an award show/concert for people in the hip-hop scene in St. Louis. Twenty artists were selected out of one hundred and I was one of them for the “Show and Prove” showcase. The event was held at the Blank Space on Cherokee. We performed in the basement. It reminded me of a basement house party. There were some talented individuals in the building "showing and proving" their talents. I had an awesome performance myself. As an artist, you have to know how to gauge the crowd. This is how you can tell if they are listening or feeling you. If they are bobbing their heads or cheering you on during a performance they are feeling you- that is a given. If they are quiet or looking at you while your perform, more than likely you have their attention. But if they are talking, going to the restroom, starring off into space, etc.—you probably have lost the crowd in St. Louis. But I had a great time “showing and proving” my art!

blues festival

Next, we volunteered at the Big Muddy Blues Festival. We passed out programs for about two hours. We didn’t stay until the end. It was pretty cool to see the set up and hear some great artists. My eyes are now set on that stage. I will make it happen. I have so many events lined up for the month of September which include shows, rehearsals, volunteering, and starting my album! I just hope and pray for strength, energy, and a great business mind. I am thankful and blessed to be able to live and follow my dreams. Until next time, this is your girl Raye Cole and this is the life of an indie artist in St. Louis.