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Life of an Indie Artist

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I had a very eventful weekend and week! July has proven to be a very productive month for me. I have performed and networked all month! But I want to talk about my weekend. This past weekend I was invited by my girl Skiddalz (her name on Facebook) to perform for her album release party. The name of her album is “Rebel Angel.” She is an up-and coming-rapper who is making moves on the St. Louis music scene. Her music has been featured on Jersey Shore. Check out her website: So, let’s start at the beginning of the day shall we.

My day started off on a sour note. I woke up to find that my vehicle was acting up and I wouldn’t be able to use it for that day. It really sucked because Friday July 11th was a very important day for me. I was scheduled to perform for Skiddalz’ album release party and I scheduled my own rehearsal for my “Open Mic Tour” that I am currently on. Not only that, I knew that there was going to be a lot of potential networking opportunities that evening and I could not miss them. I was not going to miss them. Even if I had to get to these events on the wings of eagles, I was going to be there. So I started fishing around for a ride. I knew that someone could give me a ride. But I hate having to rely on people when dealing with things that I deem important. My future brother in-law, who sometimes travels with me, said that he would be able to accompany me. My hope was restored! It began to get closer to the time that I needed to leave.

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My first stop was Utopia Studios for a rehearsal and then off to the album release party. So… I get the call from my future brother-in-law saying that he had to go and pick his car up. He was using a rental car provided by the dealership while they repaired his vehicle. He had to go pick it up or they would charge him for the rental. I get this call around 4:30 and that was the time that I needed to be leaving. He tells me that he would be there in twenty minutes and I began to freak. I had already paid for the rehearsal time. And as most of us know, if you miss your rehearsal time you are just “SOL.” So, I called my future mother-in-law and asked her if I would be able to borrow her car and she said yes. So I grabbed all of my belongings that I would be using for the evening and made my way over to her residence. I had to bum a ride over from a close family friend. I jumped in the car and hit the road. I was a tad bit nervous because I was going to be meeting with the ladies who are currently helping me out on my “Open Mic Tour” for the first time. And it is not a great first impression to be late or to have people waiting on you. I texted them and let them know that I would be running behind and I prayed that they would stay and not burn out. So I’m on the highway making pretty decent time. By the looks of things, I would have probably only been 15 minutes late but I ran into traffic. Someone’s car stalled on the highway, forcing everyone else to move at a slower pace. I just felt like the dark forces of the universe were coming against me because they knew that greatness was destined to happen. Finally, traffic cleared and I was free to go a little faster. I made it to the studio for rehearsal and luckily the girls were still there and able to stay a little longer to make up for the time that we missed. I apologized and told them how embarrassed I was and they understood. We had a great rehearsal. And later, I will blog about our adventures.

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After rehearsal, I made my way to the album release party which was at the Mad Magician. The Mad Magician was a cool venue. I liked that the windows were opened so that if people were driving by, they could see that an event was taking place. I arrived earlier than everyone else which was cool because you get to watch people coming in and scope out the space. My brother-in-law joined me after he got his car situation squared away. While I was sitting there, I was able to have a conversation with some of Skiddalz's relatives. They were very friendly and you could tell they are very supportive of her music career. Skiddalz had a pretty awesome line-up. She selected some of the best talent that the St. Louis Metropolitan area has to offer in regards to hip hop. This was my first time performing with the hip-hoppers. The song that I am currently promoting is more of a blues/funk song. My fiancé was able to network with a gentleman and he created more of a hip-hop beat for my song God$Gun and my other song Days Like This. I was a tad bit nervous because that night would be the first time that I performed with those beats. I had an awesome performance and I believe that I may have left a lasting impression. Also, my girl Antwoinette Netta Walker--on Facebook--came out with her husband to support me. We go way back and she has always been supportive of my musical endeavors. And she is one of the best hairstylists in the St. Louis Metropolitan area!

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The talents that hit the stage were Alli TherealAlli; Nate The Great; myself; Riley B; T- Dubb-o; Indiana Rome; Doorway and, of course, my girl Skiddalz. The show was hosted by Slo Down, a former St. Lunatic. Holding it down on the 1’s and 2’s was DJ Karma. Everyone did their thing and rocked out! Skiddalz definitely did her thing and I was excited and thankful that she invited me out. We will also be working on a song together so look out for that future project. I still had an awesome day even though dark forces tried to come against me and stop my plans. I am a survivor and quick on my toes. I try not to fold under pressure. I rise to the occasion lol. I have a lot of performances coming up and I will definitely keep everyone posted about the adventures. I am in “hustle and flow” mode. Until next time, this is Raye Cole and this is the life of an indie artist out of St. Louis.