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Life of an Indie Artist St. Louis

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This weekend I decided to go out and support some of my artist friends. The first show that I went to was actually an outdoor festival in Belleville, Illinois called Wine Dine and Jazz. It was my first time attending this festival. I was invited out by Zelina Star Norma Bott-Goins on Facebook. Her stage name is Xena. I remember her from high school. We didn’t really know each other during high school. Later in life we discovered that we have a common interest--music. It was a beautiful day in downtown Belleville. People were out and about shopping, dining, and enjoying the festival. Downtown Belleville is absolutely beautiful and has a lot of “hometown” shops. FYI, a lot of spots in downtown Belleville cater to the Arts. The festival was located down by the fountain. The stage was set up near the court house. There were plenty of food trucks providing delicious grub. I partook in some of the delish foods and found myself a seat and prepared for the show. Xena did an amazing job. She had an hour set. She performed a lot of different cover songs with a touch of Jazz added to the mix. She was very energetic and engaging with audience. She looked amazing rocking a black and white high low dress. I was very happy that I could make it out and support my fellow Indie Artist. I look forward to her next show!

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The next event that I attended was Slumfest St. Louis. I was invited out by my girl Skiddalz Likeomg Facebook. Slumfest is an event thrown for rappers and hip hoppers. The fest started around 1p.m. and went until about midnight. The fest has several different stages for artists to perform on throughout the day. I arrived at the fest around 10 p.m. I came to support my girl Skiddalz but she did not go on until 11 p.m. I had a little time so I watched the “Freestyle Battle.” A freestyle battle is when rappers compete against one another by rapping freely about whatever comes to their minds. Freestyle battles are normally not practiced. Also during most freestyle battles, the objective is to cleverly and lyrically assault one's component. This particular battle had judges and they would select the winner and the loser, of course, would be eliminated. This particular battle went on for, I believe, 4 rounds. There were about twenty competitors. Some rappers were more creative than others. Some rappers seemingly didn’t know that they were in a competition. However, it still takes heart to get on stage and perform in front of people. The place was definitely packed and people were enjoying themselves. I do not recall the name of the gentlemen who won the freestyle battle but I definitely believe that he earned his title. While watching the freestyle battle I didn’t realize that Skiddalz performance had started. Once I realized that her show began I made my way to the Rec Room--that is where she was performing. Once I arrived in the Rec Room I was told that I had just missed her performance. I was so upset that I missed her performance. However, we will be sharing a stage together really soon. Skiddalz is releasing her album “Rebel Angel”. She invited me and a few other artists to perform at her release party which will be July 11th  at the Mad Magician. This is the first time that I will perform at a showcase that is mostly Rap/Hip-hop but “I’m ready” (In my Sponge Bob Square Pants voice). Check us out if you can. And until next adventure, this is your girl Raye Cole and this is the Life of an Indie Artist.

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