Monday, 09 June 2014 16:46

Life of a Indie Artist

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by Raye Cole


Life of an Indie Artist out of St. Louis: Last night .... was fun. I got to hang out with my girls and perform on one of the hottest Open Mic Stages in St. Louis. The first time I went to Cafe Soul - St. Louis (the open mic that I am referring to) was last month. I had an amazing time.

It was so Moulin Rouge. It was so New Orleans. Or at least that is where my imagination took me. So of course I had to make my way back. And of course I knew I wanted to perform. I had to perform. Lets back track a bit about the venue. The venue is awesome. It is very live and eccentric. There are two levels of seating. I think you may have to know someone to sit on that second level but don't quote me. There are white sofas and tables along the walls for sitting and dining. There are also chairs and tables throughout the venue. Or you can sit at the bar. The stage is set in the middle of the dance floor. So it almost does not matter where you sit or stand; you can see the stage. My girls and I lucked up and got the seats right in front of the stage! That is how we do lol! Ya'll should have seen us. Nothing but a table of gorgeousness lol! We had a great time. The majority of the people that performed did an amazing job especially considering that no one practices with the band. By the way, that band is phenomnal. And I have to say thank you to them because they remembered the music to my original. I would have been up the creek. I brought my cd but that was something that was not allowed. Luckily, I played with the band the Sunday before. Normally, my guy Boroppe Gruve Lyphe Rashad is there to lead the band in. He created the music for the song. But tonight a chick was on her own. But the band definitely held me down. Thank you so much Mark Harris II and to the others--I don't know your names but thank you too! The host Tendai Morris was amazing. Thank you for letting me bless the stage. She was live and very entertaining, oh and she can sing! And the saxophonist that was playing is simply amazing. I have seen her perform 4-5 times just by chance and each time she brought the house down. Her name is Rhoda Gee, don't know if that is the correct spelling. But anywho, I had a ball. Can't wait til the next one. I was just so happy that I set a goal for myself and although I was nervous and unsure, I accomplished it! I was nervous because I didn't know how the evening would go. As an artist, one of my biggest fears is getting up there on stage and having a bad show. And when things are not lined up perfectly it can be scary to step out on faith and give life a go. But hey, that is the life of an indie artist. Thanks again to my beautiful friends for kicking it with me and being supportive. "When you've got friends, that wish you well, you'll find your point when, you will exhale" in my Whitney Houston voice. To see pics check out my Facebook: Raye Cole or Raye Cole Music. Follow me on Twitter: @Raye_Cole. Check me out on Saturdays, I host the D hour Show "Indie Up Saturday." Here is the link: