Wednesday, 23 October 2013 10:53

My song 606 / “I Will Start All Over Again”

Written by 

Words and music by Mark and Mary Whitehead

If you watched my interview with Ron and Joy last week for's “Hello St. Louis” you heard the story of a friend of ours who learned he had cancer, lost his job and his wife left him – all in a very short span of time. The worst part was that he never saw any of it coming. All I could do was talk to him on the phone and listen to him describe the events of each grueling day. At one particularly low point, I worried that he might take his own life. But he was stronger and braver than I gave him credit for. Slowly he put his life back together. Today he has a good job, is cancer free, and has a new girlfriend.

IMG 1442Mark Whitehead

It was during the worst chapter of that time that I wrote this week’s song, “I Will Start All Over Again”. It begins with a great piano loop from Garage Band. I love the riff and put it in the song just for fun. I play all the other instruments. I had a hard time with the vocals because the song is just out of my range, so be kind.

The song is copyrighted under the name “My Song 606” because of a clerical mistake I made when I sent it to our lawyer.

I hope you enjoy it, and as Abby says, “All Done!”

Have a great week and be kind to someone.


IMG 0001Mark Whitehead

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