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My Songs 87 and 43

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I was listening to NPR recently and heard a story about a mental illness called “Truman Show Syndrome.”  It’s a mental disorder in which sufferers believe they are living in a reality television show. Not to dismiss TSS lightly (it’s a real disorder that can be easily treated), but I bring the subject up because I often make myself do a similar exercise when I write songs. A friend of mine once told me she called this exercise “Making a movie.”

Almost everyone has written fiction at some point in their lives. It may have been at school for a creative writing class or for some other reason. You have to visualize a scene, people, action, and write what your mind’s eye sees. Music is the same process, only instead of a word processor in an office, songwriters use recording machines in studios.

Mark Whitehead 87 2

For My Song 87, which is a working title the computer assigns, I was in a happy mood thinking about love and falling in love. I pictured myself with Mary at Meramec Springs when we were still very young, and how much I still love her today. I used an acoustic guitar and multi-tracked a lot of layers.

For my song 43, I was thinking about a car chase. Sounds hokey, I know. I tried to achieve a sense of tension, building up to a crescendo, followed by a break, and faster pace to the end.

One day I hope to score a movie or at least write a sound track for a movie, but for now I will keep daydreaming and songwriting here in my writer’s room.

For both My Song 87 and 43 I play all the instruments. I used an eight track digital machine and transferred each track to my Mac Book. I used Garage Band to mix both songs and stick them together.

And as Abby says, “All Done!”

Have a great week and be kind to someone.

My song 87 and My song 43, 2013 copyright Single Rose Studio, LLC.

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