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Anatomy of a Videographer

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The creative community, at large, in Saint Louis is underrated and overlooked. Even within our own state, Missourians look to Kansas City as the art mecca with its ten thousand fountains, Google Fiber, and fine arts schooling. This blog regularly features the music of impressive native artists that are hungry to make a difference and influence the nation's perception of our city, from Tef Poe's ruthless lyricism to the experimental ways of the FarFetched collective. From time to time, I even feature my own video work in collaboration with hip-hop artists. This week's blog will turn the spotlight to other Saint Louis videographers who are creating impressive resumes of quality music videos. These individuals are well-acquainted with the camera and editing room, knowing how to visually present a story, a mood, or a message from within the digital projection of their minds.

Remrod Photography is, without question, the most prolific videographer dabbling in hometown hip-hop music and videos. Dude has an RV that he rolls around town for his and his clients' comfort, he's been featured recently on the boob tube, and he has a willingness to work with everyone to give them a great look in highlighting their talent. Remrod is somewhat of a purist when it comes to style, embracing tried and true thematic elements that define the hip-hop culture, while also injecting innovative editing techniques and professional cinematography.

It should be no surprise that his studio is the most active in the city, pumping out creative visions on the regular without sacrificing quality or perspective. Recently, Remrod has teamed up with Fresco Kane, of So So Def Records, in producing the visuals for "Gone", a turn up party anthem meant for your stereo on Friday and Saturday nights that celebrates Fresco's surging success and his rise to the top.

When looking for a one-stop shop for all of your artistic needs, BlueFlamesz has got your back. Not only do they help with graphics and photography, but videography is their specialty. An apt description of their approach would be lab-like -- an unconventional outlook on how videos can stimulate the eye and mind, combining ideas and execution in new ways that are experimental in nature, but also purposeful and intriguing.

The result is usually engaging and always unique. Though their work output can't match up to the video machine that is Remrod Photography, the care in the BlueFlamesz production is obvious, and the videos are quality. This can be seen in their latest music video for The Domino Effect, which operates as a psychological drama in a near-future totalitarian society of repression. You dig?

Last but never least, Semir Dergic has been on a mission for the past several years to make his voice heard through his videos, offering a distinct method to his madness with a consistent visual approach and a dedication in the editing room, which makes his work cohesive, memorable, and signature-ly him. He creates strong working relationships with his clients that goes beyond the videos, which in turn, makes them that much better, as his passion is evident in not only what he creates, but also for the music of the artist as well. His strong visual style is impactful and can easily resonate with viewers, who won't want to turn away or skip through his visions. To see what I'm talking about, check out Semir's demo reel from the last year below.

CANON T2i SHOWREEL (SEMIR DERGIC) from Semir Dergic on Vimeo.

A final shoutout to all those who create videos, as it's not easy, and those not on set do not see the work that goes into creating something successful. There are hours of planning from determining the concept, of securing locations and additional actors, of the process of actually shooting the footage, and then of assembling it as a complete product. I typically spend 30-40 hours per video in total, so I share with these videographers the sweat and time that goes into a music video. Other Saint Louis directors not featured in this blog include Dutch Jackson, StizzTV, The Government, SYGU, and many more.

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