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Blame It On My 80-D

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When you have a good working relationship as a director with your actors, crew, clients, etc., you look forward to creating things with them. In music videos, when you respect the work of an artist and his/her/their music gets you genuinely excited, the creative process in developing a video for that music becomes almost too easy, almost as if a vision is innately born the moment you hear the song. This is the case for all of my video work with Mvstermind, a local hip-hop producer and rapper who has been featured multiple times on this blog. After the successful release of his newest album, he eagerly wanted to complete something special visually, and thus, the music video for 80-D came into existence.

To keep things short and sweet so that the primary focus of this post is to focus on the video itself, here are a few quick comments regarding the creation of my latest music video: Mvstermind - 80-D featuring AtM, Sixela Yoccm, Ciej, and Lyrique. This was all filmed on location in Saint Louis, with several locations utilized more than others, one of which was blank space, a multi-use events/arts space on Cherokee Street (check it out), and the other being Nebula Coworking, an office space that we use on Jefferson at the corner of Cherokee. Special thanks are due to Adult Fur and Jeffery Hill Jr, two local musicians who were crucial actors in the concept of this video. Adult Fur is a premiere electronic aficionado and a gifted hip-hop producer. Jeff is a killer drummer in the group Franco-Hill, who are mainstays in the local live performance circuit. Check both of them out if you like good music.

Regarding the content in the music video itself, the concept directly corresponds to the title track (80-D) of the album A.D.D. (Artistically Day Dreaming), where Mvstermind examines the simplicity of childhood and growing up in which stress, work, and responsibilities are non-existent, allowing for unbounded imagination and exploration into worlds created in the mind of a child. The video is a play off of Peter Pan and the Lost Boys, who themselves are children refusing to grow up, even though they are in constant threat from the adult world. There is a Hook-esque antagonist in the video chasing down the performers in a shared daydream, and once he catches up to each of them, they are thrown back into the real world. Mvstermind is able to escape from the villain in his daydream, allowing him to live indefinitely in his own imagination, however, there is a certain sorrow in this as this dreamland is not and cannot be real, which is an ode to the 1985 film Brazil by Terry Gilliam, where the protagonist chooses a fairytale outcome for himself, even though it is fictional, and he remains trapped in a truth he refuses to believe.

Enjoy the music video below, and any questions you may have please post as comments so that I can answer them.

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