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Artistically Day Dreaming

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An original -- a goal of most artists, but simply having this as a goal does not mean that you are or will ever be. Likewise, saying that you are does not translate into being. You are either original or you are not. Although simple, originality in music, in any genre, is critical. As an artist, it's never a good thing to sound like or to try to sound like someone else -- critics will compare you to others instead of others being compared to you. For Mvstermind, originality is second-nature, and in his pursuit of music, it is something for which he doesn't strive because he is: original. A.D.D. (Artistically Day Dreaming) is the fruit of Mvstermind's originality; a mixtape that sounds like nothing else you've ever heard and that exists as an introspective into the mind of a young adult in the 21st century.

A.D.D.'s roots are highly cosmic as Mvstermind is infinitely fascinated with the infinite: the stars, the universe, and our place within our own planet. This influence is easily heard in the mixtape instrumentals, all of which Mvstermind expertly crafted to fit his space-age perspective. At a time when most other hip-hoppers are ripping popular beats from radio tracks or tapping producers who re-hash bass-heavy club anthems, much praise is due to Mvstermind for being so bold in being so different. However, for him, being different is not on the forefront of his mind, as he slips into a daydream of his own creation, unconcerned with others' physicalities of our earthly world.

Listeners can quickly become lost in Mvstermind's daydream from his production alone, but the real artistry of A.D.D. comes from the self-examination of adulthood in the lyrics. At times soberingly sad, others furiously frustrated, and often a simple celebration of life in spite of the obstacles regularly thrown at a young 20-something, the mixtape explores a variety of shared human emotions. Mvstermind's tracks are a desperate reach for the stars in attempt to satisfy his ambition in music while acknowledging the regular unfairness of life that restricts us from achieving our dreams. "Overdraft <$" speaks this where Mvstermind faces the reality of a cash-driven society that emphasizes money over art. In addition to the concerns of making a living, other topics on the mixtape include a powerful commentary on religion in "Monolithic", saying that "What's a young black man with a bible versus a young black man with a rifle? These are tools for survival, just tools for survival."

Taken as a whole, A.D.D. induces the warm, fuzzy sensation of a satisfying daydream, which is devoid of the everyday worries of being human. Though the concept may seem a bit naive, it's a comforting thought, and one that Mvstermind truly believes, which is to say that he feels his constant pursuit of music will elevate him above his day-to-day concerns, that in retrospect, will seem trivial, allowing him to float beyond the stratosphere into the cold darkness of space that contains bright, colorful galaxies of other worlds that have to be better than the one in which we currently live.

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