Monday, 04 August 2014 13:23

Lost in St. Louis; An Adventure at Three Kings

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Three Kings… No I’m not talking about a deck of cards.

3k sign 3


I’m talking about a restaurant in the Loop. Three Kings Public House offers upscale pub food with a Mediterranean twist (according to the internet). The inside of the restaurant has a lot of old portraits of St. Louis hanging on the walls, neon signs, interesting décor, and chandeliers.

old picture of delmar 3k

The dark lighting still makes it feel like a bar,

inside 3k selfie

however, the décor makes it seem upscale (so the internet didn’t lie, this time…). I got lobster bisque and fries, which were very good.

soup 2 3k

John Null got toasted ravioli, which he deemed okay but not as good as Imo’s.

food 3k

It was good. I was not that impressed, but I have to say, I probably would go there again.. So what’s the adventure here? Parking, of course, and actually finding the restaurant. I’ll see you somewhere… lost in St. Louis.