Monday, 04 August 2014 11:46

Lost in St. Louis; An Adventure at the Soulard Market

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Just how old is the Soulard Market?

market sign


Over 200 years old! It started in 1779… in a field in which farmers brought things to barter with other farmers. The Market got its name from Antoine and Julia Soulard who owned the land where the market is still located.

outside of market

The Market is only open Wednesday through Saturday.

market selfie

The best days for shopping are Friday and Saturday because most of the vendor stalls are open. However, it is always packed with people, so going on a Wednesday or Thursday means less people but fewer vendors as well. There are a lot of vendors at the market; most have fresh produce,

market fruit

but some have spices, noodles, and crafts. And even candy!

market candy

It is an iconic St. Louis market, however, other than the historic background, it’s not really that much different than any other farmer’s market or produce stand. However, I still recommend going to at least see it.

market watermelons

So what’s the adventure? Deciding if venturing out to it on a Friday or Saturday is worth fighting the crowds. I’ll see you somewhere… lost in St. Louis.