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Lost in St. Louis; An Adventure at the Walk of Fame

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Since when has St. Louis had a Walk of Fame?

brock star

Since 1989 when Joe Edwards established it on the Loop. There are almost 140 brass stars with bronze plaques explaining the person’s achievements. The people honored are notable people from St. Louis that were either born here or moved here and made contributions to St. Louis or even U.S. culture.

pulitzer star 2

So why should you visit the Walk of Fame? Because why not. You get a quick St. Louis history lesson while roaming around the Loop. Also its interesting to see how many of the stars you know. So of the stars you might know but you might not have known they are from St. Louis. For example, John Goodman. I didn’t know he was from St. Louis.

john goodman star

And then of course there are St. Louis celebrities like Stan the Man and Chuck Berry.

stan the man star  berry star

Also you can get a cake... if you're into that sort of thing.

wof cake selfie 1


So what’s the adventure here? As I always mention parking on the Loop. And some extra fun is the weird stares you get taking pictures of the ground. And there are a few things to remember when you plan on getting your picture with a star. Number one… take a friend. It is next to impossible to get a decent picture selfie style. Number two don’t wear a dress, speaking from experience squatting down in a dress without flashing people is hard, very hard.

me with redd foxx star

Number three don’t go during peak hours because people walk into the picture or worse, walk on you. And number four remember to take more than one shot of each pose the words on the stars blur very easy. I’ll see you somewhere…. Lost in St. Louis.