Wednesday, 30 July 2014 14:29

Lost in St. Louis; An Adventure at the Loop Trolley

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Almost all of St. Louis has heard about the new Loop/ U-City trolley that is in its planning stage.

crop across street trolley


The new streetcar is projected to be up and running sometime in 2015. Another incentive of the coming-soon trolley is that high speed internet cables are to be placed under the streetcar’s route. Which means… the Loop and U City will become magnets for living, visiting, and working. However, this isn’t the first time St. Louis has housed a trolley.


The transportation network of St. Louis started running a streetcar in the mid 1800’s and it ran until the early 1960’s.

trolley and sign

Now that the history lesson is over… why am I telling you about this? Because you can visit the old trolley that ran up and down the Loop. You can get your picture taken beside, on it, all around it, but not inside of it.

on trolley selfie trolley 1 inside trolley 2 

It’s something that is nice to visit while visiting the Loop for something else. It’s a five minute stop, not an all day visit.So what’s the adventure here? Walking up the sketchy ramp to the trolley.

trolley ramp 2

I’ll see you somewhere… lost in St. Louis.