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Lost in St. Louis; An Adventure at the Heritage and Freedom Festival

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What is there to do over the Fourth of July holiday in St. Louis? A lot.

heritage firework 9


There are a lot of things to do. I chose to attend O’Fallon Missouri’s Heritage and Freedom Festival.It was really fun. On Thursday, July 3rd, country singer and songwriter Chris Cagle played at the festival.

cagle stage

I am a huge country music fan, so I really enjoyed the show. He did a great job singing his songs, covering other popular songs, and thanking servicemen and women for their service. Despite the fact that there were people everywhere, I got pretty close to the stage. After watching the Chris Cagle performance, there were plenty of fireworks.

heritage firework crop

I absolutely love fireworks. The bright, loud explosions of gunpowder always leave me in awe and Thursday was no exception. My favorite was the firework that looked like a heart.

heritage heart crop

Also at the Heritage and Freedom Festival there were rides, games, and food vendors.

food stands

I actually won a poster playing the balloon popping game!

jack daniels

So what’s the adventure in this one? Getting to the festival via a shuttle and using the only restroom option…. Porta-potties. 

bus line