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Lost in St. Louis; An Adventure at St. Charles Riverfest

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With the 17 Fourth of July Festivals going on around the greater St. Louis area, I had several options.

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I attended St. Charles Riverfest on July 4th. Riverfest is the talk of St. Charles around the Fourth. There were rides, games, and food vendors. And of course, I had a funnel cake. Something about deep fried dough-like substance covered in powdered sugar just screams fancy and must-have to me. As a lover of fireworks, I have high expectations for firework displays…. and I must say, I was not disappointed.

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The fireworks were launched from a barge over the Missouri River for festival goers and the greater St. Charles area to enjoy. On Friday, I was about 20 rows up from the river so I was in prime firework-viewing seating. However, on Saturday, I could see the fireworks from my bedroom window. I do have a few warnings for future Riverfest attendees.

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One, find a parking spot early…. around 8 or 9am Friday morning. Two, when you can’t find a spot, park somewhere about a mile and a half away from Main Street. Three, do not wear heels, or flip flops; wear shoes you can walk miles in, because you will be doing A LOT of walking. Four, do not over-indulge at the beer wagons because walking miles when intoxicated is NOT fun. Five, remember there will be lots and lots of people everywhere. Six, again, there are people everywhere so there will be lines—long lines—and lots of them. Despite my warnings, I do recommend Riverfest.

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I personally had a fantastic time with good food, good fireworks, and good friends. I'll see you somewhere... lost in St. Louis.

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