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Lost in St. Louis; An Adventure at Ted Drewes

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Where do you go in St. Louis for frozen custard?

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Ted Drewes. There are two locations: Chippewa and South Grand.

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Their custard is delicious, as it should be since they’ve been around since 1929. 

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I got a Reese’s concrete and I have a complaint. It disappeared way to fast.

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Also there is a cake you can get if you participate in the cake hunt.

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However, there is a multi-part adventure when it comes to Ted Drewes. Step one, find Chippewa.

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Step two, find a parking spot. This part is extremely hard because the parking lot is always packed. Navigating the parking lot is extremely hard as well because of one way streets and narrow lanes. Now that you’ve finally found a parking spot, step three is wading through the lines to purchase the custard perfection.

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I’ll see you somewhere lost in St. Louis.

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