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Lost in St. Louis; An Adventure at Lafayette Square

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Lafayette Square is a must-see part of St. Louis.

lafayette square sign


Lafayette Square Park can be an outing in itself with plenty of walking paths and gorgeous natural beauty.

fountain in park

Plus, you can mark a cake off your list, if you’re into that sort of thing.

lafayette cake selfie lafayette cake

Another part of Lafayette Square that is worth your time is Park Avenue.

park ave sign crop

There are several restaurants and boutiques lining both sides of Park Avenue.

buildings on park ave

One more perk of Lafayette is the beautiful architecture in the area.

park ave selfie

I’m no architect, but I can appreciate the beauty of the houses and buildings.

park ave street corner

So what’s the adventure here? Picking which part of Lafayette to indulge in and…. finding a parking spot (as always) once you do make that decision. I’ll see you somewhere lost in St. Louis.

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