Wednesday, 02 July 2014 14:25

Lost in St. Louis; An Adventure in Historic Soulard

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What's the oldest neighborhood in St. Louis?

street with buildings 2


Historic Soulard. It has housing dating from the mid to late 1800’s.

selfie with church

Where is Soulard? Soulard is less than two miles south of downtown. The best thing about Soulard is how beautiful the buildings are.

old building

The old cobblestone sidewalks that line the old brick houses are gorgeous.


I’m no architect, but it doesn’t take one to appreciate all the beauty of the buildings in Soulard. You can look at them forever.

selfie with street

Soulard is also host to the Soulard Market (duh). Other businesses in Soulard are bars… lots and lots of bars. So the adventure here? Making it through Soulard sober. I'll see you lost in St. Louis.