Monday, 30 June 2014 10:24

Lost in St. Louis; Living the Goat Life

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Are you living the goat life? Well Steve Wescott is. Steve and Leroy Brown (a goat) are walking across America for Uzima Outreach. Uzima Outreach is a project to build an orphanage for children in Nairobi, Kenya.

goat picture haleah took


As Mass Communications student working in the broadcast field I have a many opportunities to interview a wide variety of people of diverse backgrounds for many different reasons.

selfie with goat and steve

But Steve and Leroy were by far my favorite. Steve is such an amazing guy working toward a heartwarming cause.

medium shot of grant steve and goat

And Leroy… well Leroy the goat was such an interesting interview subject. How many reporters have interviewed a goat? Probably none.If you are interested in the cause check out Needle2Square for more information. So if you see a guy walking around with goat its most likely Steve and Leroy. I'll see you somewhere lost in St. Louis.

wide behind the scenes shot of goat story