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Monday, 23 June 2014 14:42

Lost in St. Louis; An Adventure at Fitz's

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The Loop hosts PLENTY of dining places and there are a few that are must visits. Fitz’s Soda Bar and Grill is a must visit for root beer lovers and haters alike.

soda fountain and mug


They have tons of different flavors of soda and different options for floats. I stuck to a regular root beer.

selfie with mug


I sat at the bar when I had lunch at Fitz’s. Sitting at the bar was amazing. I got to watch the soda bartender make floats and shakes and peer into the kitchen.

soda handles

The food was amazing. I got a pulled pork sandwich, fries, and baked beans.


Also the interior is decorated with bright colors and old Fitz’s soda bottles. I definitely recommend Fitz’s. So what’s the adventure here?

outside sign fitz

There are actually two separate parts to the adventure. Step one is finding a parking spot in the Loop. The second is waiting to be seated at Fitz’s… which is usually a wait. However, the wait is worth it. I'll see somewhere lost in St. Louis.


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