Monday, 16 June 2014 15:00

Lost in St. Louis; An Adventure at the Fox

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What does the Fox say? Ring ding ding a ding a ding ding.

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Well not in this case. The Fabulous Fox Theatre has a lot to say with the wide variety of shows that grace the stage.

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The Fox lives in Grand Center. The Fabulous Fox Theatre is obviously called fabulous for a reason. The interior of the Fox is fabulous. There are fabulous sculptures and artwork everywhere. One can adventure throughout the many floors and hallways of the Fox, but don’t adventure too much or security could get involved.

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St. Louis inhabitants and guests should visit the Fox because any excuse to get all dolled up and enjoy a live show is a good reason. Even if you’re not into putting on pants and watching something that you can’t pause at your leisure, catching a show at the Fox is a good idea because you can check it off your bucket list. I'll see you somewhere lost in St. Louis.

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