Kelly Henson

Kelly Henson

Kelly isn’t originally from St. Louis, so she can’t answer the “Where did you go to high school?” question. However, she can answer the, “Where do you go to college?" question with Lindenwood University in St. Charles. You can find her in the radio or television station on campus working on her broadcast skills. In her free time Kelly enjoys sleeping, binge watching One Tree Hill on Netflix while eating icing straight out of the container, having adventures, and laughing.

Kelly Henson loves adventures and looking for potential adventures.  Lost in St. Louis is a series of selfies portraying St. Louis itself and its residents.  In addition to the iconic St. Louis sights, Kelly will also explore the hidden gems as well. If you know of a great place or thing you would like to see covered, comment below or e-mail and she will try to cover it and attach your picture to the blog.

Everyone knows that food trucks exist. But did you know there are clothing trucks now too?

rc truck 2


Three Kings… No I’m not talking about a deck of cards.

3k sign 3


Just how old is the Soulard Market?

market sign


Since when has St. Louis had a Walk of Fame?

brock star

Almost all of St. Louis has heard about the new Loop/ U-City trolley that is in its planning stage.

crop across street trolley


What is there to do over the Fourth of July holiday in St. Louis? A lot.

heritage firework 9


With the 17 Fourth of July Festivals going on around the greater St. Louis area, I had several options.

stcriverfest firework 2

Where do you go in St. Louis for frozen custard?

WP 20140630 006


Lafayette Square is a must-see part of St. Louis.

lafayette square sign


What's the oldest neighborhood in St. Louis?

street with buildings 2


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