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A Portrait of the Artist: A Brief Introduction

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Hi there,  I'm Jules.  I am a music addict-traveling guru-English junkie-people person. I successfully juggle two part time jobs and a music gig on the off time. Whatever “successfully” means. I take long walks in Forest Park and Castlewood, partake in many local shows and festivals, and have a dandy time hanging about with the creative types found in this city.

I am not a native of St. Louis. Gasp. I know, writing for OnStl without that as an attribute seems about as blasphemous as it can get, but I absolutely love St. Louis so hopefully that will suffice.

Where I grew up, I was lucky to get a metal show on the weekends, much less an art show every month. That was unheard of. Tyler Texas was even a dry county until (ironically) the day of my 21st birthday two years ago. And we still can’t buy liquor there. The only culture it could boast was the annual Rose Festival which consisted of the “old money” aka Tylerites getting together and crowning their most established young lady, a la Jane Austen’s ideal woman, and growing a load of roses to dress up floats in a parade.

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**This actually happens**

I digress.

Since I have moved to St. Louis, I have been doused in the arts and fallen in love with the scene here. If you are from the area, let me tell you, you don’t know how good you have had it.

And thus, I get to the point of my introduction.

St. Louis boasts many art galleries, coffee shop music venues, blues joints, fashion shows, film festivals, and the like. It is difficult to find a neighborhood where the arts are not thriving. Most of these places are well-established, and like these places and events— so are their artists. We have magazines and newspapers to boast of all of the talent and skill found in these people. But where did they get their start? How did they decide to be an artist and go after this ambition?

In a world where the idea of going to college to get on a “career path” is the ultimate good decision any young adult can make, why do these artists decide to break away on their own and what are their inspirations? Better yet, how do they do it?

That is exactly the point of this blog. I fully intend to track down, bother and annoy every up-and-coming artist so that I may pick their brains and give you every bit of information as to how they got where they are.

Wish me luck!


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