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Thursday, 23 April 2015 15:02

First ThurtenE

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Every year, WashU puts on ThurtenE carnival. I told a taxi driver it was my first ThurtenE, and he got excited for me.

“It’s really fun,” he told me. He hasn’t been since he was a kid, but he used to go every year. Being from New Jersey, I was naturally skeptical. We know how to do carnivals. How could Saint Louis hope to impress me, when I was raised in the shadow of Coney Island and Seaside Heights? I didn’t know what a carnival could be without the scent of sea air and mob connections.

Atlantic City


                 Atlantic City: Corruption, graft and fun for the whole family.  

After all, how could anyone else possibly handle the complex operation of carnival rides? Even we New Jerseyans aren’t experts on that. In my 19 years I’ve seen two separate swing rides fall right over like Christmas trees with too many ornaments.

Rollercoaster in Ocean 

 This wasn't our fault though. That was a hurricane.                

But I was pleasantly surprised with Thurtene. There were fun spinning rides and blinking lights and funnel cake with too much sugar- everything you could ask for.




Thurtene Carnival WashU

There were even some things I couldn't see anywhere else, like the gorgeous art structures built by university students.






The secret society that puts it on even provided a sense of just enough secrecy and danger to make me feel at home.


                                                              Ominous, yet fun.                                                              

Truly, St. Louis can put on a mean carnival.



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