Friday, 16 May 2014 09:49

Beatle Bob's Swinging Shindig Festivals: Wakarusa - June 5-8, Mulberry Mountain - Ozark, Ar.

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Describing Wakarusa Festival to someone who has never been would be like… well, fill in your favorite cliché that describes something that is impossible to describe (sex to a virgin, rock ‘n’ roll to a stranger, etc). It’s like that. But I’ll try anyway.

Imagine a mountainous forest-leaden land in the middle of Mulberry Mountain, Ozark, AR., lit up like a Christmas tree with thousands upon thousands of multi-colored tents, a Ferris wheel, canopies and hippies, all singing, dancing and carrying on without care, and, essentially, without rules. Then add four days worth of music from your favorite artists, all performing on the highest quality stages of which you can dream. Subtract four days of sleep, throw in an abundance of ethnic foods, neon lights and filter all of your thoughts about Woodstock through a 21st-century lens.


When it comes to Wakarusa, there's much more going on than jumping from stage to stage in order to rack your brain with as many bands as possible. This festival is full of unique vendors, build-your-own-drum booths and other hippie-certified goods. There's a lot to do at Wakarusa. In recent years the lineup at Wakarusa has shown a change in philosophy. Instead of booking the biggest Jam Bands, they instead went for household names that would apply to a different festival audience. The end result was a super diverse crowd in terms of age and lifestyle.


As you would expect from a festival in the Ozarks, everyone was super, and the entertainment line-up this year, as always, is eclectic with everyone from String Cheese Incident to Michael Franti & Spearhead to STS9 to The Flaming Lips. Four days, six stages, over 150 acts, nearly 200 sets of music.


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