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Figurative and Flowery

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Heather Dawn 1

Figurative art describes artwork, particularly paintings and sculptures, which are clearly derived from real object sources.

"A muse's job is to penetrate the artist's creativity and bring fourth an artwork from the womb of their mind." Muses in greek mythology, poetry and literature are the Goddesses of the inspiration of literature, science and the arts. An art model is a model who poses for any visual artist as a part of the creative process. The artist has a connection to drawing another human being that simply cannot exist with any other subject. A bowl of fruit may be very lovely, useful and healhful to humans and animals, but this edible part of vegetative growth is not awake, breathing, dynamic and spirited.

The years I've spent as an art model began as an accidental conception, a fluke, a lucky break. My sweet and sickly friend Emma called me on the telephone asking, in between coughs, sniffles and sneezes, if I could fill in for her figure modeling gig. I was amused and confused, the small town I'd just moved from was not exactly a vibrant artistic community. I didnt quite feel up to snuff, but at that time the word NO had been absent from my vocabulary, plus I was young and adventuresome and newly liberated from my town of limited sizd. (thus limited experiences.)

From the merriam webster dictionary. trep·i·da·tion  [trep-i-dey-shuhn] noun

1.tremulous fear, alarm, or agitation; perturbation.

2.trembling or quivering movement; tremor.

3. Heather-Dawn en route to her first professional figure modeling engagement.

Heather Dawn 2


This was one of first live figure drawing even at concrete ocean art gallery circa 2009, wearing a dress completely constructed of neck ties, it was gifted to me by an artist for a seperate event I participated in at a photography studio in Maplewood.

Heather Dawn 3
artist Ben Sherman and myself

Back to the beginning, that initial divine influence that was directly and immediatley exerted on me my first visit to the art loft, I also (much to my surprise) served as an inspiration that day, I learned that an essential component in self-defining as an artist is their inspiration. Now here we are five years later with a whimsical, pixyish, costumed, contortionist like reputation as an art model thats evolved from the thoughts and imaginations of both the artist and myself.

With that being said I have certainly not demystified the creative process of the artist. I am not even sure the artist could give us a comprehensive illustration of this. The truth is almost everyone has creative potential. I think most aspiring or professional artists have learned how to walk through the creative process. The irony is that most of them don’t know that there is a documented process, yet they’ve developed habits and processes that allow them to walk through the process. On some fundemental level, they understand the process, though they don’t know how the process works. Oh the mystery and mysticism of the artist. oh! That reminds me of some funny facebook commentary I once saw beneath a picture of me executed in paints. My friend and owner of Concrete Ocean Art Gallery had uploaded his painting after weekely draw group. The first of a series of remarks, Facebooker: "um Bryan is that model wearing cowboy boots and a wizard hat?" Bryan: "Oh yes, That's our Heather-Dawn."

Living an inspired life is neat.  I’m often inspired by what others are up to, or by how someone is being in the world. I’m intentional about the people and information I allow into my life, in order to create as many opportunities to be inspired as possible, then again I am so easily inspired, stimulated,inspirited and influenced, I think breathing is inspirational, to take air and oxygen into the lungs and expel it.  As much as I love to be inspired, it’s equally important to me to be someone that inspires others.  In fact, it’s become my life’s work.

What inspires you? ( I'd love to know! If you'd be so obliging, kindly comment below.)

This is the most current inspiring event I've participated in. (this was my second year) THE WALL BALL is and engaging eclectic mix of artists, patrons, collectors, and admirers, (SCOSaG) is The St. Louis City Open Studio and Gallery, a visual arts non-profit.

Wall Ball was a super cool silent auction featuring the live creative process of 30 top local artists. Throughout the evening’s festivities, these artists create custom artwork. Patrons compete to take home these one-of-a-kind, original works by bidding in the auction while enjoying a dazzling party.

Heather Dawn 4

I have found that maintaining stillness for long periods of time is far easier when I focus on the universal factor of life, breathing. This is perhaps the easiest way to begin meditating and you may never need to look further. Begin with the Breath Awareness Meditation and when you find that you are able to follow the breath for periods of time. Notice whatever is being experienced in the moment — sounds of the mediums at work  sensations, thoughts, feelings,without trying to do anything about it. Then fully bring the attention to the breath. Simply notice the breath as it moves in and out as the body inhales and exhales. This is Wall Ball 2012, maintaining still for brush strokes.

Heather Dawn 5


Heather Dawn 6

Live at 2720

So i suppose that it, that's how a newly transplanted, young smallish town enthusiast who dug around in her dads tool-shed looking for a gadget to unfasten the mind, to unshut doors, to broaden understanding, and be receptive to new ideas beyond the rural populace went out on a whim that spawned a long lasting accidental hobby. Trying something new opens up the possibility to like something new. Look how an accidentally successful stroke of willingness introduced me to a community of creative collaborators giving rise to ceaseless arty fun! 

Blessings and brushstrokes,





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